When you think of retail store design ideas, think of designing an experience, rather a space. We know – the concept of a customer experience is getting way overplayed. But even though we all might be collectively annoyed by the phrase, an experience is exactly what your customers want when they come to your store. So, what are some product display ideas or, more specifically creative retail display ideas, and other interior design tips for creating such an experience? Glad you asked. Here are few of our favorites to help get more customers in your door – and to the cashier desk. 


The Spotlight: Draw Them In

Before you begin looking at your interior, start outside. What will customers see in the window displays that flank your entrances? Is it enough to give them a glimpse of what’s inside, and make them want to step inside your doors? This is all about first impressions, so make sure you’re setting up this vital first impression to wow your target buyers. If the bulk of your revenue comes from teenagers, make sure the window displays are trendy and show a lot of personality. If your buyers are older and more sophisticated, you want the window display to exude luxury and power. Focus on telling a story that will resonate, and you’ll be sure to get more shoppers – and buyers. 


The Right: Direct Them

We’ve written about this before, and so have 87 million other companies, but regardless… it’s been said that the vast majority of shoppers turn right upon entering a retail store. So, it makes sense to focus on this transitional area and keep that momentum going. When you map out your retail store design ideas, think about what a customer will see when they first enter the store – and then what they’ll see when they (presumably) turn right. 

You don’t want to overwhelm them, especially since they’re going from all the stimuli of whatever was outside your store to a different atmosphere inside it. But you do want to direct them. Where do you want them to go once they’re inside? What path should they take? What products are you wanting to showcase? Your signage and product displays are crucial in enticing them to continue on their shopping journey. Also, make sure the lines to the checkout area are conveniently marked to maintain social distancing and consider what you can place in this area to keep their attention while they wait to pay. 


The Light: Create An Experience

The vibe you project in your store goes a long way in making an unforgettable experience for your shoppers, and lighting goes a long way in setting that vibe. You can set some ambiance by using warm lighting, or highlight specific products with brighter, targeted lighting. If you have dressing rooms in your store, you may also want to consider using warmer, more flattering lighting because – let’s be honest – no one ever thinks they look better when they’re standing under glaring fluorescent lights. 

In addition to the spotlight, the right and the light, you can use custom graphics to level up your retail space and prime shoppers for more purchases. Attention grabbers like custom logos, wall murals and ceiling wraps can help you stand out and boost your brand’s appeal. And, it just so happens that we’re experts at creating graphics like this. Interested in learning more, or hearing how we can help design your retail space? Contact us anytime.