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Oats Overnight’s Trade Show Exhibit

Show: Natural Product West
Size: 10×20
Category: Experiential marketing

Oats Overnight, known for producing the best oatmeal in the world, set out to create an exhibit that would capture the attention of potential customers and showcase their flavorful and nutritious products. The exhibit required a functional storage area to keep the front of the house clean and presentable. As well as a sampling area, music, and a lounge with real furniture and plants that is inviting and comfortable for both attendees and meetings. The team knew they would need to be creative with their use of space and find a way for their brand to make an impact at a huge show.

The design of the Oats Overnight exhibit was unique and vibrant, with colorful arches that created a visually appealing and attention-grabbing display. The use of space was creative and clever, allowing for easy flow and interaction with attendees. The exhibit showcased the company’s bestselling flavors, such as S’Mores, Banana Bread, and Maple Pancakes, with sample stations and eye-catching graphics that drew people in.

One of the key factors that made this project a success was the close attention to detail and responsiveness of the team at Highway 85 Creative. They understood the success criteria and the goals of the Oats Overnight team and worked tirelessly to ensure that every aspect of the exhibit was executed flawlessly. From concept to installation, Highway 85 Creative was a trusted partner that Oats Overnight could count on to deliver on time and on budget. The results of the exhibit were impressive.

“We absolutely love the bleeding floor graphic incorporating our Pantone flavor colors! It’s been a pleasure with the entire team at Highway 85 Creative and watching the creative process unfold.”
Molly Owen
Performance Creative Manager at Oats Overnight

Highway 85 Creative specializes in creating memorable and engaging events, shows, interiors, and graphics. The skilled team of creatives, designers, engineers, and craftsmen are ready to help with your next project.

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Oats Overnight Trade Show Booth. Successful Trade Show Exhibit
Oats Overnight Trade Show Booth Exhibit
Oats Overnight Trade Show Booth Exhibit Design