Designing Dreams

Commercial interior 


Dining is an experience not only for the palette but also for the mind and senses. After careful analysis, the design reflects the cuisine, style, and ambiance of the desired dining experience. We carefully select quality materials to withstand foot traffic and minimize maintenance needs.


Aesthetics and functionality go hand in hand. Why settle for one when you can have both? Our purpose is to seamlessly align the ambiance, decor, furnishings, and layout with the mission and values. We seek to understand your business and help guide customers through your showroom’s shopping and buying process.

Small Business + Boutique

Captivating interior design is crucial in drawing in clientele and evoking emotions.  Like the specialized, hand-picked products adorning the store walls, the layout and feng shui should also emulate a tailored customer experience. We bring a holistic design and build approach throughout our process.

Rooms Reimagined

Corporate interior 


Our goal is to create a space that reflects the diverse personalities, innovative ideas, vibrant company culture, and groundbreaking work within its walls. We delve into who will occupy the space —aiming to design a space that wows clients and earns rave reviews from employees.


The entryway serves as the gateway to your company’s world, and we recognize the importance of making a lasting impression from the moment someone steps through the door. Through meticulous space analysis and a keen eye for detail, we tailor our designs and finishes to align seamlessly with your company’s brand identity and overall vibe.

Conference Room

We understand that shared spaces are a hub for collaboration, innovation, and decision-making. We prioritize functionality, creativity, and productivity – every aspect is carefully curated to match these goals.

The end result is more than four walls; it’s where efficiency and company culture meet, ensuring teams can thrive and excel in their work environments.

Step Into Style

Retail interior

Retail store

A well-designed space has the power to entice customers and influence sales. Physical retail spaces must be treasured and stand out amidst the virtual realm. Unlike the digital world, physical stores offer a unique opportunity to engage customers on a sensory level. By encouraging interaction with your products and services and top-notch visual merchandising, we aim to increase dwell time and ultimately drive sales.

Shopping + Community Retail Center

We consider human behavior and how people interact with spaces. By considering all these factors, we ensure that every aspect of the space enhances the overall experience while aligning with your specific business objectives, safety regulations, and accessibility standards.

Freestanding + Pop-up Shops

In the bustling world of retail, every square foot counts. Our team understands the importance of creating captivating spaces that attract and immerse customers in your brand story. A temporary pop-up shop or a permanent freestanding storefront deserves design with intention, blending aesthetics and functionality to enhance the buyer’s experience.

strolleria | show room

Hiring an Experienced Creative Agency Matters

We’ve got the know-how

At HWY 85 Creative, our expertise extends beyond conference exhibits and corporate event spaces to include exceptional permanent installations. We design and implement immersive, long-lasting environments that seamlessly blend with our clients' brand identities. These permanent installations are crafted to facilitate ongoing engagement, allowing clients to consistently connect with their audiences in meaningful ways. Our team excels in creating dynamic spaces that tell compelling stories, showcase products, and enhance brand experiences. By integrating innovative design with strategic functionality, HWY 85 ensures that every permanent installation becomes a landmark of our clients' commitment to excellence and customer engagement.





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