Grand Format Printing

When it’s time to make a statement, we’ve got you covered—literally! With state-of-the-art technology, we produce graphics that inspire, rally, motivate, or inform. Our graphics pack the same powerful punch for a timeless display or a short-lived event. Specializing in custom indoor, outdoor, permanent, or temporary applications, we offer various substrates, finishes, framing options, and materials. 

Larger than Life

Interior graphics

Large Wall Murals

Elevate your indoor environment with our custom large-wall mural solutions. From captivating cityscapes to intricate patterns and brand-inspired designs, we’ll help you create stunning focal points that leave a lasting impression. 

Furniture Wraps

Add a personal touch to your indoor space with our custom furniture wrap solutions. Whether you’re looking to refresh existing furniture or create a cohesive brand experience, our wraps are designed to integrate with your décor and elevate the ambiance of any room. Suddenly,  the decor and furnishings align with the brand or overall vibe. 


Tell em’ what you wanna tell em’. Graphics used for directional signage, department identification, informational displays, and powerful motivational messages can ensure a seamless experience for visitors. Custom signage solutions allow your indoor space to remain on brand and inviting simultaneously. 

Get noticed!

Exterior graphics

Building Wraps

The sky is the limit! If you’re seeking bold designs to redefine entire facades or temporary installations for special events, we’re here to help you leave a lasting impression on all who pass by. Our color-matching technologies ensure your brand’s design is consistent, even on a large scale.

Window Graphics

Think big, print bigger. Utilize your windows as valuable marketing real estate. From vibrant displays that draw in foot traffic to elegant frosted designs that offer privacy without sacrificing natural light, we’ll help you get creative and make the most of your storefront or office space.


Attract attention, convey important messages, and create a memorable experience for patrons. Enhance the curb appeal – with durable outdoor banners, sidewalk signs, or eye-catching flags and billboards; we’ll help you design and produce graphics that maximize your impact. 

Your Brand On the Road

Fleet graphics

Fleet wraps 

Increase your brand’s awareness and visibility with branded fleet graphics. Transform your vehicles into an unstoppable marketing force with tailored full wraps, partial wraps, or custom decals to leave a lasting impression. 

Full wraps

Many businesses today leverage vehicle wraps as an integral part of their marketing strategy. A full wrap offers a large canvas for showcasing your brand. Collaboratively, we’ll assist in broadcasting your offerings, brand message, and unique identity to fellow travelers on the road. In the service sector, vehicle wraps are utilized to blanket local service zones, while food trucks serve as mobile kitchens to tantalize hungry customers and promote their company while on the move.

partial wraps

A half or partial wrap can double as a cost-effective marketing tool. We specialize in designing, producing, and installing top-notch wraps that spotlight your brand, products, and corporate ethos. We understand the significance of a rebrand or update to keep your brand at the forefront in customers’ minds. Enhanced visibility boosts brand recognition and ensures your business shines wherever you roam. Even when your drivers are stuck in traffic, they’re actively promoting your business.

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Hiring an Experienced Creative Agency Matters

We’ve got the know-how

HWY 85 Creative, our grand format printing capabilities elevate your brand to new heights. We create visually stunning environments where our clients can engage in meaningful, authentic conversations with their target audiences. By leveraging our high-quality, large-scale graphics, we help tell compelling brand stories, launch innovative products, and inspire people to connect deeply with our clients' brands. Our grand format printing ensures that every visual element is vibrant and engaging, making a lasting impression.


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