Technology for your booths and events? Hell yes!

Technology For Your Booths & Events? Hell Yes!

Technology For Your Booths & Events? Hell Yes!

Technology For Your Booths & Events? Hell Yes!

Technology For Your Booths & Events? Hell Yes!

Technology in general, and trade show tech in particular, is constantly moving ahead at a rapid pace. Companies are eager to embrace the hot next thing but don’t always know if it’s a wise investment. Here’s our take on tech trends in recent years and how to make the most of tradeshow trends expo booths. 

Missing Out On Tech = Missing Out On Results

In 2018 and 2019, everyone and their brother wanted to gobble up more technology and show how advanced they were. But it didn’t pan out for most as anticipated. This was probably because many leaders have a fear of stepping out of the box to try something new and uncertainty as to whether the shiny new toy will be received well by their audience. 

For example, there was a medium-sized company years ago that did everything right. They planned their marketing and PR efforts, measured their progress accurately, and were all-around crushing it. But then 2020 happened. They had to scale back, got gun-shy, and stripped away their big initiatives. Fast-forward a couple of years, and everyone was wondering where they went. For all intents and purposes, they disappeared in the marketplace because they made the wrong choices for the wrong reason (fear). 

This company came back to work with us but was still largely operating out of fear (and now, reactivity). They wanted to demo their very large products at upcoming trade shows, which was going to drive up their costs significantly. So, we pitched them a digital presentation to cut their expenses and get better engagement. 

We suggested digital walls, LED walls, and other methods of showcasing the products in digital ways. It would’ve saved them tons of money and yielded great results. Unfortunately, they ended up canceling the project out of fear. And now? They’re experiencing an even greater decrease in market share because of it. 

Put The Pedal To The Metal

Now is the time to cast away fears and give something new a try. Specifically, when it comes to technology, you’ll be left behind if you don’t start exploring what’s available. Eventually, everything that’s new and even a little scary becomes mainstream. So you can either be at the forefront of it when it’s novel and engaging, or trailing after everyone else who is an early adopter. Think about sound bubbles, for example. They were high-tech 20 years ago and now they’re everywhere, able to create an entire experience. Would you rather have been the one to embrace them first? Or dead last?

The other major benefit of technology is that integrating it helps to expand your insights and power your future efforts. By using tech at your events and in your corporate interiors, you can gather data and get instant feedback that allows marketing or data to be pushed out more intelligently and effectively. 

Less Architecture, More Tech 

If you’re wanting to jump on the train of new tech, without the cumbersome shackles of architecture, there’s a lot you can do. First, take a light brush over the space. How can you lighten everything up? This doesn’t mean in terms of actual lighting; it means in terms of reducing physical and technological clutter. 

Second, think about how to make the area more engaging. Through your graphics? Demo? Product displays? Also take into account backlights, lighting, color, how busy it is, and so forth. Then as far as technology goes, do you want to put a monitor up? How do you integrate it? Is it the right size? Do you want the crowd to see it? Keep building on this, to achieve piece-by-piece integration that fits your needs without weighing anything down. 

The takeaway? Don’t be scared of technology; be scared of failing to incorporate it. Integrating trade show tech in new and different ways can not only keep your brand top of mind with your customer base but can also cut through the noise of tired tactics. Ready to partner with a company that knows how to use tech to your fullest advantage? Give us a call

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