POV: We have to earn every opportunity we get

POV: We Have to Earn Every Opportunity We Get

POV: We Have to Earn Every Opportunity We Get

POV: We Have to Earn Every Opportunity We Get

POV: We Have to Earn Every Opportunity We Get

At Highway 85 Creative, we don’t mess around when it comes to opportunities. Owner Guy Zwick is hardcore in his belief that success is earned, not handed to you. This unapologetic, no-nonsense mindset defines our work ethic and fuels our relentless commitment to excellence. Buckle up and get ready as we delve into the badass work mindset of Guy Zwicks and how it propels us to dominate at Highway 85 Creative.

There Are No Handouts

I owe my perspective on making my own success to my parents. Back when I was in high school, they made it very clear that they wanted my siblings and me to have every opportunity – but that we’d need to contribute to them. When I realized what it would take to help put myself through college, I was humbled and motivated. 

Learning this at a young age made me so appreciative of everything I had been given, and even more determined not to squander or take advantage of it. Today, I’m really proud to be raising my kids the same way. They know there are no handouts, and they have to earn what they get. 

Earning Through Working

On the topic of entrepreneurial opportunities, this idea of no handouts has been reinforced throughout my career. Earning customer loyalty comes down to hard work in business. At Highway 85, we don’t “deserve” to have great customers and rising revenue; we work for these things. 

When we branched out into the interior space, it was based on a note I had jotted down on a piece of paper back when I started the business. We invested into becoming masters of our craft, and now have been full-steam in the interiors space for 8 years in addition to the trade show space.

We’re proud to have built a unique combination of design and functionality that wows people, and believe not many people out there do what we do. Still, we work incredibly hard to win business. Even when we’re phenomenally successful with projects, which we often are, we don’t take winning future business for granted. 

This POV on earning opportunities matters because it means we’re relentless in our work ethic and we count every customer and every project as something to be thankful for. When you work with us, you’ll get hard work and deep expertise. Contact us to get started!

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