Insider tips to use tech and increase ROI at your next trade show

Insider Tips to Use Tech & Increase ROI at Your Next Trade Show

Insider Tips to Use Tech & Increase ROI at Your Next Trade Show

Insider Tips to Use Tech & Increase ROI at Your Next Trade Show

Insider Tips to Use Tech & Increase ROI at Your Next Trade Show

Tech is everywhere, and we recently wrote about fear holding people back from using it like they should in their trade show strategy. There are a few additional things holding them back, and it’s time to bust through these misconceptions. Trade show tech is an essential part of successful trade show trends expo booths; here’s how to get started. 

Rent Your Tech 

Many companies go back and forth over whether they should buy the technology they’re planning to use or to rent it. Let’s keep it simple for you: rent the damn thing. Tech degenerates and becomes outdated fast. Owning it also requires you to have a strong IT team to perform upkeep, which further means shelling out lots of cash. It’s not worth it. Many (if not most) of the biggest companies you see using compelling, modern technology at trade shows are renting it. 

Renting technology is extremely cost-effective. Think about the various ways you can use tech to get attention. For example, you could have a static logo on a TV or you could have your logo flying in the sky on an interactive screen. Which will make more of an impact? 

Busting Misconceptions 

So, if renting is the way to go, why don’t more companies do it? We already talked about the fear of anything new in our last post. But there are also two other objections we hear: content and lack of adequate follow-up for data captured. 

Let’s look at the first. In order to use technology, you need content for it. Many organizations don’t know what to create and worry the cost of creating the content will make the entire endeavor less cost-effective. 

Next, when you use tech, you also get better data about your booth visitors and prospects. What do you do with all that information when you get back home after the show? Some companies don’t want to invest in the tech to get better data because they don’t have enough salespeople (or robust enough processes) to follow up with all the new contacts they’ll have. 

Both of these excuses are, candidly, lame. To start, creating content doesn’t have to be expensive (and it’s certainly less so than trying to own and maintain your own technology). And, if you’re worried about being able to follow up with leads properly, you have much bigger problems to consider than the tech to use at your booth. 

We’ll make it really easy for you. Here’s how to use new trade show tech and get maximum ROI at your next show: 

  1. Find a creative company (e.g. call us at Highway 85).
  2. Build a relationship with your new partner.
  3. Enjoy having both time-tested and innovative ideas brought to you (hint: it’s a much better use of your time and energy). 
  4. Let the magic happen. 

Let’s Build Something!  

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