As a business owner in a wildly creative field, inspiration is a must for me. If my team members and I are lacking business inspiration, we won’t fulfill our clients’ needs and our revenue will take a hit. It’s just as important for other entrepreneurs, regardless of industry, but most aren’t sure how to find inspiration. Is it from other high performers? Successful leaders? My answer is yes – and no. Here’s how I’m inspired, and how other entrepreneurs can be too. 

High Achievers 

The most obvious place for inspiration is to look for other folks who have led their companies to greatness and try to learn a thing or two from them. I’ve done this, too. I still do. I admire the paths of people and businesses like Rob Dydrek, Gary V, Jack Welch, the Navy Seals and Legion Air to name just a few. 

When I read, I go for nonfiction. It might be biographies of people like these or an insider’s view into organizations that are widely considered great and successful. If you’re lacking creativity in your own business, this is a good way to start. You just might find some tips for entrepreneurs in such places that resonate with you and can be applied in your own circumstances. 


Here comes the “but” from the past paragraph. Yes, learning from high performers can be motivating and useful in your journey as an entrepreneur… but this should not be the only place you find inspiration. In fact, there’s an argument that there are much richer sources of inspiration out there. At least in my own life, this is definitely the case. 

For example, I have a friend who is also in a creative field like mine. Unlike so many in the business world, he’s not incentivized by money or accolades. He doesn’t own properties, lives in the shop where he creates his work and is a true minimalist. I’m unbelievably inspired by him because of how he finds happiness in the creative process and in helping others. 

My friend’s approach to being an artist is stunning, and I’ve become a better artist myself as I’ve viewed life and work through his perspective. He’s also endlessly giving, which has revved up my own mindset about serving others. People might not think of this person as a high performer, since he lives simply and doesn’t get caught up in the trappings that others do, but he’s been every bit as influential to me (if not more so) than those who are. 

The Everyday

My philosophy is that there’s inspiration in every aspect of life and every avenue if you’re willing to see it. It’s easy to go through the motions during a typical day and miss all the abundance around you. But if you really tune in to all the colors, designs and feelings you experience in a given environment, you’ll be surprised by how all of it can spark ideas. 

I even apply this when my team and I meet with clients. I never research the client or their company ahead of time, because I want to be inspired by them organically first. When we walk into an initial meeting, I find inspiration in how they arrange their place of work, run their business, operate in their role, converse with others and beyond. The point is: look for insights in all the moments you might otherwise have brushed over. 

It can be useful to be inspired by high performers, but when you’re looking for how to find inspiration, don’t stop there. Also open yourself up to be influenced by artists and everyday moments. Only then can your creativity truly flourish. 

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