Building a legacy every day in our business

Building A Legacy Every Day In Our Business

Building A Legacy Every Day In Our Business

Building A Legacy Every Day In Our Business

Building A Legacy Every Day In Our Business

Business owners are often eager to learn from other leaders. In this spirit, one of the best leadership lessons I can share is that achieving success requires having a larger focus than operations and dollar signs alone. Specifically, it requires that you focus on building a legacy. Here’s how this looks in our business. 

Building A Legacy

As an entrepreneur, I not only have a vision for my business, but I also have a vision for why my business exists in the first place. I want to create a reputable brand (like the Dallas Cowboys) and zero in on building a legacy. 

Making Highway 85 into a success is bigger than me and bigger than reaching a certain amount in sales. It’s about contributing positively to our customers and the world at large, and growing a legacy that will benefit my family and generations to come. 

In order to do this, leaders have to make sure their business stays relevant, which means they’ll have to be thinking ahead and constantly seeking out innovation. 

Aligning Internally 

To effectively create a legacy, you must focus your attention and efforts every single day within your business. Leaders need to bring their individual teams together, being respectful of how each person and each department might deal with things differently. 

If your team members trip up, that’s what you’re there for. I like to think of myself as the yellow lines on the highway; I’m there to keep our team members on track, moving forward. When your leader does this, no one can slack. To the contrary, everyone is more motivated and strives to do their very best. 

Building a legacy can only be done with intentionality, relevance, positivity and incredible internal alignment. The business owner is in charge of leading all of this. Want to work with a team that’s building a legacy ourselves?  Let’s talk!

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