Why I view my ADHD and dyslexia as superpowers

Why I View My ADHD & Dyslexia As Super Powers

Why I View My ADHD & Dyslexia As Super Powers

Why I View My ADHD & Dyslexia As Super Powers

Why I View My ADHD & Dyslexia As Super Powers

There’s been quite a buzz in recent years about neurodivergence, exploring the unique ways one in five people are “differently wired” with conditions like ADHD, dyslexia, giftedness, autism, anxiety, and more. While this has become a hot topic, these differences weren’t openly discussed until more recently. Why bring this up? Because I’m proudly navigating life with both ADHD and Dyslexia. And while they posed challenges in my early years, I’ve managed to transform them into superpowers. Here’s a glimpse into that journey.

The Early Years & Struggles

Back in the early ‘70s, ADHD wasn’t a common diagnosis, and dyslexia was even less known. Yet, I found myself grappling with both. Mixing up words and being a slow reader eventually led to my diagnosis with dyslexia.

As you might imagine, childhood wasn’t a walk in the park. These challenges took a toll on my confidence, sparking a sense of shame and making me feel like I wasn’t as sharp as others.

Turning It Around

Realizing I didn’t fit into certain boxes initially made me feel excluded. However, upon reaching college, I decided to rise above those limitations, seeking out boxes that better suited me—ones filled with creativity and business, among other things. Education became my ally. Instead of viewing ADHD and dyslexia as anchors, I embraced them as my unique superpowers.

This mindset persisted through my 20s and 30s. I delved deeper into how these differences shaped me, revealing strengths that set me apart. For instance, I mastered the art of words, using charm to stand out in school, a skill that later proved invaluable in connecting with clients and leading my team.

Understanding & Unity

Whether it’s neurodivergence or any other aspect that sets you apart, consider flipping the script. Your challenges might just be untapped strengths. Uncover what it is about these so-called issues that has equipped you with skills others lack. Today, as I lead my company, I take pride in these superpowers and the lessons they’ve taught me.

Give us a call to partner with me and my incredible team! And hey, if you’ve got any secret tricks for navigating the twists and turns of ADHD and Dyslexia, I’m all ears – let’s share the wisdom!

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