There are many ways that you can create a display at your upcoming trade show or special event. Tension fabric displays are becoming more popular at trade shows and other special events because of their ability to attract attention and display memorable visuals.
These types of fabric displays also have the added bonus of being convenient and portable. They are also use all high-quality fabric which has been sublimated with dye then stretched tight over a frame. However, despite how gorgeously these displays can feature your graphics, the type of fabric display that you choose to use also has an effect on the final product. To know which one of these displays is going to be best suited for your needs and for your level of visual, let us look over a few of the most popular options of tension fabric displays.

Pop Up Tension Fabric Displays

Pop up tension fabric displays are one of the most convenient options for trade show displays. These displays come with a collapsible frame that gives you the ability to combine the frame and graphics together. After you get yourself ready for your set up, the only thing that you are required to do is to pull the frame into the correct shape. Because of the way that the display is structured, you do not have to worry about disassembling or reassembling the graphics in order to have everything in place.
Given their convenience and the facility of set up, these displays are an excellent option for those who are putting together a trade show booth or for those who want a display that they can add to an existing, larger booth. They are also easily transported from one trade show to another, making them an ideal choice for a busy season. It is also an advantage for those who are concerned about storage and transportation costs, and it is apt for those who are going to be handing control of the booth to staff who will have to set up everything on their own.

Hanging Tension Fabric Displays

A hanging tension fabric display is a type of display that is hung from the ceiling instead of being placed on the floor like other traditional displays. It is modeled after hanging signs. Signs that hang are a beautiful way to draw attention in an exhibit hall. You can elevate this further by utilizing a tension fabric trade show display. Because of their elevated position, others can better see the gorgeous graphics you have to offer. You can also use this to take advantage of vertical space.

Backlit Tension Fabric Displays

Tension fabric displays are already an incredible way of creating visual impact and drawing attendees at the trade show. However, you can take this to another level entirely by adding backlighting. Backlighting is the process by which light is added to illuminate graphics from behind which creates a glow and helps to enhance the details of the design displayed. Typically, with tension fabric, the lights will be sewn into the back of the fabric so that the light can shine out and create a brilliant, sturdy display after it is set up.
This type of display works well for those trade shows where the merchant is trying to create a focal point for a much larger display. On the opposite end of the spectrum, it can also serve as a way for merchants to draw attention to a small display. It is also a way to put your messaging or branding in a clear and definitive manner.

Tabletop Fabric Displays

Tabletop fabric displays are contemporary and are easy to manage when transporting. They are the same displays that you get hanging from a wall or ceiling, but they come in a more compact size to fit comfortably atop a table. Like their larger counterparts, they have lightweight frames that hold fabric graphics. Because of their simplicity in set up and their uniqueness in looks, they are quite popular among trade show attendees. They come in a variety of configurations where you are able to switch out graphic panels as needed during trade shows or between shows. For those that want their messaging to stand out, they can opt for 3D version to display their graphics more prominently.

Fabric Tower Displays

Fabric towers can offer the same high-impact graphics that you would get from full-sized tension fabric displays in a lightweight package that can be easily transported from place to place. Trade show attendees can select one single tower to accent an exhibit composed of other elements or multiple towers to create an interactive open space. Much like the tabletop displays, you can swap out the graphics as needed and craft a new experience at every trade show that you attend.
There are many options for you to choose from for tension fabric displays. Consider the type of visual that you are working with before you settle on one particular design for your tension fabric display. This way, you can ensure that you do the best that you can for your product and your team.