4 Tips To Create A Stellar Experience At Your Trade Show Booth

4 tips to create a stellar experience at your trade show booth

Exhibiting at trade shows can require mega bucks, depending on the size of your booth, the sophistication of your custom exhibit and the show you’re attending. But it can also result in mega ROI if done right. So, how do you create a trade show experience that’s both memorable and achieves your wildest business outcomes? […]

3 Reasons Why Hiring A Creative Company For Trade Shows Is A Must

3 reasons why hiring a creative company for trade shows is a must

It’s a mixed bag when it comes to large companies and trade show planning, with many teams opting to hire outside help while others decide to make a go of it themselves. While this decision naturally depends on the available internal expertise and resources you have, there are always clear benefits to working with top […]

Tips To Make Your Logo Stand Out

Tips to make your logo stand out

A well-designed logo is the cornerstone of a successful brand and business. Without a distinguishable, memorable, and relevant logo, companies get lost in competitive and saturated markets. Using the right logo can ultimately mean the difference between failure and success regardless of the quality of the products and services you provide. With a few tips […]

Avoid Trade Show Disaster With These Simple Tips

Avoid trade show disaster with these simple tips

You know that feeling. It is that feeling everyone who manages a trade show feels right before every show. That constant feeling that one or several of the million things that can go wrong will go wrong at your upcoming show causing it to be a disaster. Some of these things you can prevent and […]

The Ten Commandments of Trade Show Etiquette

The ten commandments of trade show etiquette

You’ve got a perfect trade show booth, an awesome giveaway, and your marketing materials look amazing. There is nothing stopping this from being the perfect show. Or is there? A perfect custom exhibit and a good space will only get you about 50% of the way there. While your booth does matter, a lot, attendees […]

Design Lives At The Intersection Of Art & Engineering

Design lives at the intersection of art and engineering

All too often, customers think that design in marketing is either all art or all engineering. The more artistic folks tend to zero in on the creative elements, whereas the more practical folks want to know that it will all work logistically. The truth? Design in marketing is at the intersection of both. Here’s how […]

Collaborative Design Requires Different Shades of Creativity

Collaborative design requires different shades of creativity

After graduating from ASU with a degree in Art, my path to becoming Design Director at Highway 85 was anything but direct. However, my five-year  journey here has taught me that everyone’s experiences and background uniquely prepare them to develop their own strengths. In the world of design, creativity cannot be confined to one standard […]

The Right Way to Fail in Business

The right way to fail in business

Failure has become the new “it” thing in town.  It seems like everyone, from the talking heads to psychologists and even your nosy Aunt Sally is going gaga over the perks of falling flat on your face. And truth be told, they’re not entirely wrong. Failing in business is an essential part of the path […]

Are You Sending the Right People to Trade Shows?

Are you sending the right people to trade shows?

Are you getting the most bang for your buck as a trade show exhibitor? Many companies know they’re not, but they don’t know why not. Here’s a big part of the problem: Marketers are gung-ho about trade show planning and trade show marketing, but that’s where their intentionality stops. There’s one more piece of the […]

The Four Words We Want Every Client To Say

The four words we want every client to say

We put a lot of effort into developing amazing trade show concepts, and we are always eager to share them with our clients. Once, a customer exclaimed, “Wow, that’s totally us!” when we presented our ideas. This comment stayed with me as it not only represented customer satisfaction but also something more meaningful. Hearing those […]