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Hanging Signs

Hanging Signs provide a quick and professional look for your trade show booth. Also known at stretch trade show displays, these types of displays allow for more graphical freedom. By utilizing different types of fabric and printing techniques, we are able to create a variety of effects with the imagery. This easy to use trade show display is reusable, allowing clients to get the most from their investment.

Hanging signs tension fabric
Inline fabric displays

Inline Displays

Inline displays can perfectly feature your company’s branding and feature a modern and streamlined design. Many of these displays utilize video presentations and screens to create a one-of-a-kind experience for those who step inside. This display will attract prospects and create a buzz at your trade show event. If you are working with limited space, these effective exhibits will get the job done. Inline displays can beautifully blend technology and traditional trade show displays to create a presentation that is seamless and attractive. If you are responsible for designing your next trade show display, be sure to ask about our inline exhibits.

Banners & Flags

Highway 85 Creative has a variety of banners & flags to choose from to meet your trade show needs and fit your budget. We only use high quality materials to attract attendees to your trade show display. Our banners & flags can even be used again and again at different trade show events or instore. Once you have the frame, you can buy as many graphics as you wish. The graphics for the fabric are fairly inexpensive, allowing you to create a tailored experience for your trade show. Call (623) 582-9760 to schedule your consultation now!

Flags and banners fabric displays
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