Strategy & Collaboration

To do anything creative, it is essential to understand your business and success criteria. We encourage a very hands on approach to the collaboration process. We can help you think outside the box and within your budget to aid in establishing impactful experiences for your audience.

Design & Engineer

It is no small feat to put on a corporate event. It takes rounds of designs, engineer know-how and detailed CAD drawings to get the job ready. Our expert corporate event planning team is just what you need to get through the process as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

In-House Production

The execution of the details matters. The materials used and how they make you feel, matters. Throughout creation, we invite you to stop by and get hands on in the details with us. We have all the tools and knowledge under our roof to ensure that what matters, shines bright.


Let us manage or assist you with the logistics of your corporate events. No need to search long and hard to find someone who can set up all the components of your corporate event- the folks who built it can! No matter the scope or details required, we have a fully capable event management team that can get you “show ready” in no time at all.

Corporate Events Install Honeywell
Corporate Events Install Final Four