Study after study has been done on the power of first impressions. People make snap judgments about others’ trustworthiness, charisma, competence, and more within seconds (even less!) of meeting them. Talk about jumping to conclusions! But right or wrong, this is normal human behavior. Knowing about it can help you make better first impressions, and what is a trade show if not an opportunity to make hundreds, if not thousands, of incredible first impressions? 

This is where custom trade show signs come in. Custom signs have been all the rage since the swirly scripts made their way onto old wood planks, and signs have evolved over the years to be a stellar way of making a first impression. Here’s all you need to know to wow attendees at your next show, and improve the odds that they’ll find you as dazzling as you find them. 


 A Sign Is Worth 1,000 Words

Ok, so that’s not exactly how the saying goes… but the point is the same. You could write an entire technical manual about the features of your product and share it with a booth visitor (please don’t), or you could show them one single image that quickly conveys your product benefits. Which one wins? The image, of course. 

Trade show signs are along this same vein. Even large ones only have enough room on them for a limited amount of images and information. This is powerful because it forces you to design intentionally and only include the details that really matter. Cram too much on there, and your prospects will get a migraine trying to squint and read it all. Or, more likely, they’ll scoot on by and go to the gal at the next booth (you know, the one with the selfie booth and cookies).


Custom Is Compelling

Use custom signs how they should be used: to make an impact. To position your brand as professional, credible, cutting-edge and freaking awesome. Your booth should be attention-getting on its own, but the addition of the right signs can further cut through the noise of excess stimulation in the exhibit hall. Compelling signs will practically reach down and grab hold of attendees’ hands, giving them no choice but to come to your booth (except in a way less creepy way). Your booth visitors will be automatically more engaged, if you have the right signs to hook and intrigue them. 

Ask yourself what you want the first impression of your company to be. What matters most to your customers, and what’s likely to resonate most with this particular trade show audience? How can you cut out even more words to make your message ultra concise? What imagery can you use as a breath of fresh air or a suckerpunch (depending on your goals)? 

Oh, and pro tip: once you have these details figured out, make sure to include at least one piece of contact information on each sign. There’s always that one guy who stares straight ahead and won’t stop for anything but is secretly storing away company names and website addresses that interest him. You want your contact information to make it into that guy’s brain. 


Unleash Your Creativity 

Sometimes, people think trade show signs are boring. But not you. You’re enlightened. You probably already have awesome ideas and know that you can choose from a wide variety of styles, sizes, materials and even textures for your next sign. Depending on your booth design and the space you have available, you’ll want to configure your custom signs to stand out while still looking cohesive with the rest of your display. 

You can choose from banner stands, hanging signs, flags, and beyond. We love creating custom vinyl print signs with customers, or experimenting with unusual materials and styles. If you come to us for a custom sign, prepare to be amazed by all the options available with trade show signage. You’ll feel like a kid in a candy store (at least we always do). The most important thing is to reflect your brand, and catch the attention of the passers-by who matter to your business. 


Interested in creating a custom sign for your next trade show and getting better results? Contact us anytime so we can get the wheels turning together!