Let’s be honest—we all want to make a great first impression. You really want to wow them at your next show but there is one problem—you don’t have the budget like the big guys. Have no fear—a display rental is an affordable option that allows you to have a custom exhibit or portable display solution so you can GO PRO!

Showcasing your products in a professional manner is crucial. It’s important to always put your best foot forward when presenting your products and services. There’s no limits of what can be done with display rentals from add-ons to graphics you can mix and match different systems and have a different look every time.  

If you have ever seen an amazing competitors exhibit there is a good chance it’s a rental but you would never know it by how unique and custom it looks. Rentals also allow you to try it before you buy it. Take your Exhibition Experience for a test drive a few times before you do a capital purchase.

So why are Rental Exhibits most beneficial to companies?

  • You only have one chance to make a first impression.
  • Your budget may not allow you to purchase an exhibit that best promotes your products and services.
  • Keep your look fresh every year.
  • No operational costs, show to show storage, exhibit repairs or maintenance.
  • Test before buying.
  • Great option for clients who ONLY do one show a year.

To make things easy for you we have a team dedicated to custom rentals. From a full-service Rental Logistic Team to an extensive inventory or Rental Exhibits—we got you covered. Our Rental inventory includes, but is not limited to; double-deck displays, custom exhibits, portable exhibits, hanging signs, flooring, furniture, A/V and more!

So let’s make that first impression a lasting one with a Custom Rental Exhibit that has you looking like a Ferrari on a Honda budget.