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Those who attend trade shows may only see beautifully finished displays, but they don’t necessarily realize just how much goes into getting the trade show booth from the drawing board to the execution stage. Trade show display rentals involve a lot of accessories, from the custom tablecloths, to the LED lighting systems that make your advertising artwork pop. We offer any of the accessories you might need for your next trade show. Whether it’s something as complex as a monitor stand to support the LCD screen that will be showing your advertising media, to something as simple as a table and chairs, we have it all.

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Inline Exhibits

If you’re lost when it comes to designing your next trade show display, try one of our inline exhibits. These simple displays are perfect if you’re working with limited space. They perfectly display your company’s branding and feature a sleek and streamlined design that is sure to attract customers.

Island Exhibits

If you want to take your next trade show presentation to the next level and want to create a ‘show-stopping-experience’ for attendees, do it with one of our island exhibits. This option is perfect for companies that have been granted enough space to really make an impression at a trade show. These island exhibits are completely customizable, allowing you to turn your marketing dreams into a reality. These exhibits allow customers to step into your display and be completely immersed in your product and brand. Lighting and digital visuals add an additional level of splendor and are perfect if you want to be the star of your next industry event. These trade show display rentals can completely revolutionize how your company performs on the trade show circuit, enabling you to watch your new customer retention and your revenues skyrocket.

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