Did you know there is a proven method to see how effective your trade show exhibit is? It wasn’t until one of our clients emailed us ecstatic about her E3 Exhibiting Effectiveness Evaluation™ score that we realized how great this tool is. You are probably asking why would someone need such an evaluation?

Well let’s dive into it.

For attendees having, a great show experience means they will spend more time at an exhibit. If so, they will likely to come back to the next show. For exhibitors, learning what they need to improve on means increased odds that they get return on investment and create a great experience.

Being in the trade show industry for more than a decade and working side by side with exhibitors, Highway 85 knows that there is a lot of pressure to not only have great looking exhibit, but also to stay on budget and how important it is to have a return on investment.

That is where E3 Exhibiting Effectiveness Evaluation™ comes into play. This evaluation goes deep- you will get detailed results on your exhibit presentation, product presentation, exhibit staff, and more.

Our client’s exhibit ranked extremely high on all categories provided by the assessment. We can’t cover everything, but here are a few areas where their exhibit was ranked one of the best:

E3 results graph

“Compared to all exhibitors evaluated, this exhibit ranked above 99.3%
Compared to other exhibitors in this category, this exhibit ranked above 100%”
Effectiveness- Excellent exhibit appearance, solid messaging, good presentations and staff support.
Customer Report Prepared for: Hemisphere GNSS – Booth 71925 – ConExpo 2017


 The only downfall is that you do not receive the evaluation until after the show has ended, but the great news is that you get a detailed 5-page report delivering insights, measurements, and comparative analytics that almost guarantees future exhibiting success.