Event Marketing is the process of creating a themed display, exhibit or presentation to help introduce or promote a product. A marketing event can be held online or in person using various marketing techniques. It is important for business owners to take advantage of any opportunity to earn the trust of potential customers. Marketing events provides companies the ability to interact with buyers and give them a sense of the company’s personality and perspective.


Communicate With Prospective Customers

In order for an event to be successful, you must make an impact. It is important to consider what type of customer experience you would like to portray. When you participate in event marketing, this gives your business the opportunity to interact face-to-face with individuals and help build your brand. Through marketing events, you can share your thoughts and ideas in a way that you want them presented. Journalists and other members of the media usually attend marketing events frequently, you have a better chance at generating new leads. Before your event, use social media platforms to gain visibility with other people expected to attend. Positive personal interaction will help build customer loyalty.


Online Marketing Events

Gaining the attention of customers can be challenging due to the many distractions in their daily lives. A marketing event can introduce them to new products that they may of never had the chance to learn about anywhere else. Online events could be through webinars, live streaming or virtual events. It is cheaper to host an online marketing event, and you have a greater chance at reaching those who can’t travel to where you are at. Online workshops allows you to share your presentation in real-time. These events usually last for about an hour. Real-time webinars allow you to interact with potential customers who have questions regarding your product. A virtual event allows individuals all over the world the ability to participate. Through a virtual booth, they can ask questions, collect materials and meet your staff. Live streaming events can be done using a webcam or a full production crew. You can fully stream, engage your audience, and record the presentation. Event marketing is an opportunity to bring together several companies that do business in a specific industry. This is one of the best ways to network and strengthen your presence in a particular market.


Strategize Your Event Goals

Make sure you’re getting the most out of your marketing events by understanding the expectations of your audience. You can start by setting targeted and realistic goals. Having an event that is marketed to the wrong people will increase your costs and not your profits. Build a model so you understand the risks in any case scenarios. Collaborate with your team to come up with graphics and images that will create the ultimate brand experience. Do you want your staff to wear uniforms? Do you plan to handout promotional materials? These are important questions to ask yourself to ensure a successful event. Remember, competition is stiff, so you need to brainstorm ways to make your brand stand apart. Incorporating technology and interactive tools are a great way to grab the attention of a potential customer.


Email Marketing

Emails should be sent out a month prior to your event. Do A/B testing with a variety of different email subject titles and messaging before sending out your entire campaign. We live in a world where social media reigns supreme and is essential for brand success. Engage with customers before, during, and after your event to get valuable feedback. Design a follow-up campaign before your event and create a lead list immediately after. Go through your list of the people who attended your event. From there you can determine if any opportunities were created.


The Wrap-Up

The bottom line is, you should always make sure you are over-prepared before holding a marketing event. When you think you are done planning, plan some more. You should review any messages that will be going out, train your staff, and do your research on the other vendors that will be there. Events can be very costly. Planning early can get you discounts on registration fees, hotels, etc. Finding interesting ways to create a buzz via social media, or passing out swag will help you stand apart from the rest. With so many people walking past your booth, you want to draw their attention and make them stop to check out the activities. If it’s in your budget, offer goody bags that contain products that have your brand name listed on it. Everyone enjoys free stuff, and they will remember where they got it from.