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Event Marketing Services

Trade shows and industry events can be one of the best ways to market your brand. However, these events won’t do anything to help your company reach the next level if you don’t properly market your business to attendees. Setting up your next trade show booth can be a challenge, but it’s simple with our comprehensive event marketing services.

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Event Marketing Services

We offer our valued clients the following services to effectively market their booths at trade shows, conferences and industry events:

  • High-quality signage that attracts attendees to your booth and makes your presence known
  • Kiosks for check-ins, demos and other attendee needs
  • Additional decor items, such as table toppers and entryway signs, that add a splash of color and help you to further brand yourself to guests
  • Logistics and transportation that will help you get your signage and kiosk equipment to your event without any hassle
  • Storage for your trade show booth equipment so that it’s out of sight when you don’t need it and ready to be shipped when you do
  • Venue management and sourcing so that your event finds the perfect home
  • Maintenance on your equipment to ensure that it’s always up to your company’s high standards
  • Labor for your set-up and take-down, making installation and dismantle an afterthought
  • On-site project managers, so that you can focus on your event and brand and let someone else handle the logistics of the booths
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An event is only as good as its planning and execution. To ensure that your next industry event or trade show is a success, let us take care of all of your event marketing needs.



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