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The Process To A Successful Trade Show

Plan a successful trade show.

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Each year, businesses of all sizes attend trade shows with specific goals in mind, such as achieving sales, brand awareness or maybe a combination of both. In this episode, Guy Zwick explains his process for understanding a client's initial goals, as well as providing them with the clarity and guidance for a successful trade show.

As cliche as it sounds; a trade show is more than just another trade show. It is a branding opportunity. If you design the perfect booth, with the perfect message, at the perfect trade show, staffed with an outgoing sales team, you can make a huge splash. Just like social media, you can engage with thousands of prospects in a small amount of time at a trade show.

The Evolution Of Trade Shows

Trade shows are not dying, they are becoming bigger and bigger each year. Take Comi-Con for example. It started off as a small comic book convention, now thousands of companies and celebrities attend for an opportunity to gain exposure for their brand. Learn what it takes to be a success at your next trade show with Highway 85 Creative.

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