It works. Email marketing works. You think it doesn’t, but it does. The email demographic is smart. You know who they are, and they know who you are. You check your email every day, and the spam keeps coming. You don’t even give it a second glance. In fact, you probably mark it all as spam and it gets deleted right away. But the good ones get through. They catch your eye and you read what they have to say. They’re not trying to trick you into clicking. They’re not saying you did something wrong and need to verify identification. They are not someone claiming to be your friend.

They’re genuine attempts by honest, hardworking business owners to make you aware of their products or services. It’s an age-old practice with a digital flair.

No matter if it’s spam or the real deal, the email marketers and the spammers keep at it, and they know that it will get through. The market for email is just too huge, and if just one gets through, then it’s a success. It’s the name of the game and it’s not going to end. The smart email marketers know their customers. They will design an email message that will get through, and if it’s read then deleted, it’s a success.

Trade Show Marketing

You’ve participated in trade shows before. You know how it’s done and you are pretty dang good at it. You follow protocol and add your own particular style to it. You’ve planned ahead and forged creative email marketing messages, and now you’re going to push those messages out into the crowd, like the seeds of a dandelion. There are those who will respond, and those who will not. You know this too, and again, it’s part of the whole effort. There really are some things that will never change. Marketing your products and services to your fellow man seems to be a format that has stood the test of time.

Thanks to the digital revolution, the marketing effort can extend worldwide. That is why you are at the quintessential trade show. No one will be there just for fun, even though it is fun. The patrons who attend trade shows are specifically learning and looking for the next trend. All of the marketing tools and best practices are in play,and the crowd is responding. Your event marketing strategy is working, and lines are forming at your booth. The big ol’ banner above you says it all; your email address and website address.

Email Event Planning

You’ve fashioned a relatable message for your potential customers. It’s been digitized and formatted for the online world and you are pretty happy with it. You’ve fine-tuned it long before the event itself and it’s ready to go. The final curtain call sounds, and the show of shows begins. Your message is not a baited hook. It’s a genuine “Howdy-Do-To-You-Sir” and you know that the friendly hello works well. Shoving your message into the face of passers-by invariably has a negative effect, and ‘word of mouth’ opinion of those who you’ve upset is powerful. However, word of mouth for positive, polite approaches is very powerful too, perhaps even more so.

This means, for all intents and purposes, that marketing in any way shape or form, is a fluid, and ever-changing thing, which may or may not work to your benefit. However, doing nothing is not an option. Wading into the shark-infested waters of the marketing world is the best, if not the only way, to get ahead of the pack, or simply run with the pack. The business world is fickle, but so are you.

There are numerous ways to forge an email campaign, and every one of those methods are at your fingertips, via cyberspace (i.e. the Internet, i.e. the World Wide Web.) The good, the bad and the ugly techniques are all out there in vivid technicolor for anyone and everyone to see. The age-old quip “Know thy enemy” may apply to a certain degree, in that knowing what doesn’t work can help you to create that which does work. There’s really no way around nose to the grindstone research. The successful know this. It’s a rule of thumb.

The Wrap-Up

Perhaps it’s best not to overload your brain with dozens of tips and techniques in an effort to succeed. Again, the marketing dance is ever-changing, and committing the basics to memory to use as tools to forge your own style is best. Who knows, you may just set some standards yourself, for the rest of the world to follow. Stranger things have happened. As with Art and Music and anything else creative, practice makes perfect, and playing the scales on the marketing keyboard will hone your skills as you steadily progress and ultimately achieve a talent that is your own. Then, and only then can you write the marketing songs that resonate for the masses. It is an Art form, and treating it as such will lead to rewards. Your product or service ultimately speaks for itself, but if no one is listening?