You want to maximize your trade show strategy. You’ve made plans to exhibit at 50 shows this year, which sounded like a good idea at the time but is quickly giving you cause to question your sanity. Can we tell you something that should help you breathe again (the deep kind, not the shallow panicky brown bag kind)? We have clients just like you. And we regularly help them handle their trade show logistics, from planning their exhibits to trade show shipping, and all the dirty little jobs in between. We can help you, too. 


1. Exhibit Design


Designing your next exhibit (or all 50 of them) is fun for us. We love to brainstorm with you and unleash our own creativity as we aim to wow your target audience. Better yet, we know how to get the most from your displays. We’ll advise you about how to use the same booth components but swap out graphics, or use different displays based on timing or show restrictions. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming; this part can actually be a good time for all.  



2. Graphics & Signage


We get giddy about helping you with your graphics and signs. We know how to design them for ultimate impact, and best of all, we can take the whole process of planning and printing off your plate. We’ll make sure we’re coordinating everything with the booth’s cohesive theme and messages, and we’ll make it all POP! 



3. Packaging & Shipping


Then it comes time to package your displays and signage. Where do you even start? If this stage of the process makes you want to pull your actual hair out of your actual head, we’ve worked with clients like you before. Packaging and shipping logistics can be the things nightmares are made of. But, we have them figured out. We know exactly how to pack your exhibits to keep them safe and protected, no matter the length of their journey ahead. We have trusted shipping providers we work with who are reliable and cost-effective. Worry about these aspects no more. 



4. Install & Dismantle 


Raise your hand if you have willing volunteers onsite at each trade show jumping at the chance to help install and dismantle your displays. No? Nobody? Just as we suspected. This piece of trade show logistics is often known as the “dreaded I&D” because it involves physical labor and frustrations galore.

Which piece goes where? Can we hang that sign as high as we want to without commissioning a crane? How do we dismantle everything so it fits into the shipping containers again? You have better things to think about. Let us handle every last bit of the dreaded I&D, so you and your team can focus on the less-headache-inducing parts of the show. 


Are you ready to have a partner help you with trade show logistics, every step of the way? Contact us to get started!