As custom exhibits have become more and more common over the years, so has a common misconception: custom means creative. Just because your booth is custom doesn’t mean you’re leading the pack in trade show innovation or cutting-edge trade show booth ideas. In fact, sometimes trade show specialists rest on their laurels once they hand off what they think are awesome ideas to an exhibit partner. Don’t be a laurels-rester. You can do better, and your booth can too. 


Been There, Done That?

Tell us if this sounds familiar. You’re a leading-edge tech firm and you get your custom trade show display design back, just to forcibly stifle a yawn. Your executives seem ok with it, so you don’t want to rock the boat. But heck, this is it? If your trade show display looks like every other display you saw at your last show, it’s not good enough. Dare-we-say, it might be downright cruddy. 

The next time you go to a trade show, conduct your own research. Look at what the other booths look like and which ones stand out in the exhibit hall. Send someone from your team on an incognito mission to see what your competitors’ booths like this. Then, consider your own display. Is it eye-catching? Unique? Creative? When you compare it to others, you’ll have some answers. You can’t simply replicate what others have done, albeit customized, and call it creative. You’ve got to…


Push the Dang Envelope 

We’re called Highway 85 Creative for a reason; we are committed to be absolutely, fantastically, unapologetically creative.  We pride ourselves on wowing our clients and their attendees and giving you trade show booth ideas that are not only fresh but also awe-inspiring. Don’t believe us? We’ve created custom displays with planes, cars, 3D graphics, a helicopter, a working waterfall, multiple interactive photo experiences and much more. That’s the level of creativity you need to be working toward in order to make a splash at your next show. 

Chances are good that you’re a creative person. You probably have brilliant, inventive ideas swarming around in your mind like a hive of crazed bees. Don’t keep them in any more, or let anyone else in your office kill them. Let them out, and let them soar. A partner like us will take your ideas, augment them and make suggestions based on our experience, and then execute a booth of which you’re truly proud (maybe bordering on humbly smug). 

Don’t carry the design process yourself anymore, or accept cruddy displays. You’ve got better things to do, like working on a new product or demo for that trade show. Let us handle the design and development of your creative and custom trade show displays, and never be bored with them again. Contact us to get started!