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10×20 Booth: Trade Show, Custom Purchase, Experiential Marketing
Oats Overnight, a rapidly growing brand in the health and wellness industry, partnered with HWY 85 Creative to enhance their presence at trade shows. With a focus on promoting their innovative oatmeal products, Oats Overnight sought to create an engaging booth experience that would captivate attendees and drive brand awareness.

In collaboration with HWY 85 Creative, Oats Overnight embarked on a comprehensive trade show exhibit project. The goal was to design and build a booth that effectively showcased their products while embodying the brand’s energetic and health-conscious identity. The project commenced in preparation for the Natural Products Expo West trade show, one of the largest events in the natural products industry.
Colorful Oats Overnight trade show booth designed by Highway 85 Creative featuring product displays and sampling stations
A vibrant and engaging booth design for Oats Overnight, featuring brand colors and interactive elements.
Oats Overnight's booth at Expo West featuring vibrant graphics and interactive elements.



The collaboration between Oats Overnight and HWY 85 Creative was a smashing success! The booth design not only caught the eye but also sparked immense interest among attendees at Natural Products Expo West. Engaging activations and irresistible sampling opportunities resulted in a surge of foot traffic, catapulting Oats Overnight into the limelight. This partnership showcases the incredible impact of creative synergy in achieving marketing goals.

Oats Overnight trade show booth featuring brand colors and dynamic design elements
Impactful brand presence of Oats Overnight at a trade show booth designed by Highway 85 Creative
Close-up of vibrant graphics used in the Oats Overnight trade show booth.


Brand Immersion: The booth design immersed visitors in the Oats Overnight brand experience, featuring vibrant colors, bold graphics, and interactive elements that conveyed the brand’s commitment to health and convenience.

Product Display: Central to the booth design was a prominent product display area, strategically showcasing Oats Overnight’s innovative oatmeal products in various flavors and packaging options.

Sampling Station: A dedicated sampling station allowed attendees to taste Oats Overnight’s delicious oatmeal creations firsthand, providing a memorable sensory experience and driving product engagement.

Engagement Opportunities: Interactive elements such as product demonstrations, recipe showcases, and social media activations encouraged attendee participation and facilitated meaningful interactions with the brand.

Creative process behind the Oats Overnight trade show booth design by Highway 85 Creative
Vibrant design elements of the Oats Overnight trade show booth by Highway 85 Creative.

Crafting Compelling Experiences


The Oats Overnight project exemplifies the power of innovative design and strategic collaboration. By crafting a unique and engaging trade show exhibit, HWY 85 Creative successfully captured the essence of Oats Overnight's brand and effectively showcased their products. The booth's vibrant aesthetics, interactive elements, and functional layout not only attracted attention but also facilitated meaningful interactions with attendees. This project stands as a testament to HWY 85 Creative's ability to translate brand stories into compelling experiences, ultimately driving engagement and fostering brand loyalty. The partnership between Oats Overnight and HWY 85 Creative highlights the impact of thoughtful design in achieving trade show success.


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Marks Made





straight from the horse's mouth

We absolutely love the bleeding floor graphic incorporating our Pantone flavor colors! It’s been a pleasure with the entire team at Highway 85 Creative and watching the creative process unfold.

-Molly Owen | Performance Creative Manager at Oats Overnight

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