10×30 Booth: Trade Show, Custom Fabrication, Woodworking
Freepower, a visionary in high-end designs and innovative products, embarked on an exciting journey with HWY 85 in 2024. With a shared commitment to excellence, the collaboration aimed to propel Freepower into the spotlight of the trade show circuit. By harnessing HWY 85’s expertise in experiential design, Freepower sought to captivate audiences and establish their brand as a force to be reckoned with in the industry.
Entrance to FreePower's trade show booth, showcasing sleek design and branding.
Overview of FreePower's trade show booth, highlighting product displays and branding elements.
Close-up of innovative product displays at Freepower's booth.

From Debut to Award-Winning Success in Trade Show Domination

Empowering Excellence: Freepower's Journey with HWY 85

Freepower's collaboration with HWY 85 yielded remarkable results, solidifying their presence as industry leaders. Their debut at KBIS 2024 garnered significant attention, with their booth receiving recognition and acclaim. This success continued at HD Expo, where Freepower's revamped booth design captivated attendees and earned further accolades. By showcasing their innovative products in dynamic and engaging environments, Freepower not only left a lasting impression on industry insiders but also reinforced their reputation for excellence in the trade show arena.

Interior layout of Freepower's trade show booth with modern design elements.
Custom fabrication details of Freepower's booth by Highway 85 Creative.
Front view of Freepower's trade show booth at KBIS 2024 designed by Highway 85 Creative.


Debut at KBIS 2024: Collaborating with HWY 85, Freepower unveiled their inaugural trade show booth at KBIS 2024, blending their cutting-edge products with Leicht furniture to create a captivating display.

Award-Winning Success: The booth garnered attention and accolades, earning Freepower recognition at the show and setting the stage for their future endeavors.

Evolution at HD Expo: Building on their momentum, Freepower ventured to HD Expo in Las Vegas, where they once again partnered with HWY 85 to elevate their presence with a revamped booth design.

Swanky Aesthetic: Drawing inspiration from their debut booth, the team infused the display with a swanky, modern aesthetic, capturing the attention of attendees and industry insiders alike.

Modern and swanky aesthetic of Freepower's trade show booth.
Award-winning design of Freepower's booth highlighting innovative products.
Revamped Freepower booth design showcased at HD Expo.
Dynamic environment of Freepower's booth engaging trade show attendees
High-end trade show booth by Freepower in collaboration with Highway 85 Creative.

Innovative Designs, Unmatched Results

Freepower and HWY 85 Creative's Journey To Setting a New Standard in Trade Shows

Freepower's partnership with HWY 85 Creative has proven to be a transformative journey, positioning them as a standout presence in the trade show arena. Their debut at KBIS 2024 was a resounding success, marked by an award-winning booth that seamlessly blended innovative products with striking design elements. This momentum continued at HD Expo, where Freepower's revamped booth captivated attendees and garnered further accolades. Through dynamic and engaging environments, Freepower has effectively showcased their commitment to high-end design and innovation, leaving a lasting impression on the industry. This collaboration not only highlighted HWY 85 Creative's expertise in experiential design and custom fabrication but also solidified Freepower's reputation as an industry leader.



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straight from the horse's mouth

With the trade show journey there are a lot of little details that unless you've gone through it you wouldn't really know about. so working with highway 85 and having that experience to guide us through and take care of all the things that need to be taken care of it's been a really good experience for us.

-Jake Slatnick | FreePower CEO & Founder

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