Array Technologies

70×40 Booth: Trade Show | Custom-Rental | LED Wall
Array, a leading provider of innovative technology solutions, has been a valued client of HWY 85 Creative since August 2022. With a focus on showcasing their cutting-edge products and services, Array has consistently sought to make a memorable impact at trade shows and events.

In September 2022, Array embarked on a significant project with HWY 85 Creative to design and build a custom booth for the RE+ trade show. The booth spanned an impressive 70×40 square feet and was meticulously crafted to reflect Array’s brand identity while providing an inviting and immersive experience for visitors.
View of Array Technologies' custom trade show booth at RE+, featuring a modern design and LED wall.
Executive conference rooms within the Array Technologies booth, providing private meeting spaces.
Striking wood slat dimensional wall greeting guests at the Array Technologies booth.

Elevating Experiences through Creative Collaboration

Array Shines Bright at RE+

The collaboration between Array and HWY 85 Creative at RE+ was a hit! The custom booth design not only attracted attention but also fostered meaningful interactions. Array's products shone on the LED wall, solidifying their status as tech leaders. This partnership has fueled Array's brand visibility and engagement, setting the stage for continued success. Together, we prioritize innovation, detail, and seamless execution, ensuring impactful experiences at every turn. As Array eyes future trade show opportunities, HWY 85 Creative stands ready to support their vision and goals.

Innovative product display featuring Array Technologies' latest offerings at the trade show.
Elements reflecting Array Technologies' brand identity at their trade show booth.
Overall view of the Array Technologies booth at the RE+ trade show.


Custom Bar Area: The exhibit included a bespoke bar area, designed to foster networking opportunities and create a welcoming ambiance for attendees.

Executive Conference Rooms: Three executive conference rooms were strategically incorporated into the layout, providing private spaces for meetings and discussions.

Wood Slat Dimensional Wall: A striking wood slat dimensional wall greeted guests as they entered the booth, serving as a captivating focal point and reinforcing Array’s commitment to quality craftsmanship.

LED Wall: An LED wall was integrated into the exhibit design, offering a dynamic platform to showcase Array’s products and engage visitors with compelling visuals.

Guests networking at the bespoke bar area in the Array Technologies booth.
Elements reflecting Array Technologies' brand identity at their trade show booth.
Attendees experiencing the immersive design of the Array Technologies trade show booth.
Spacious and inviting empty networking area within Array Technologies' trade show booth, designed for attendee interactions.
Attendees experiencing the immersive design of the Array Technologies trade show booth.

Building Bright Partnerships

Powering Possiblities

The partnership between Array and Highway 85 Creative continues to thrive, with each project building upon the success of the last. By prioritizing innovative design, attention to detail, and seamless execution, Array consistently delivers impactful experiences that resonate with its target audience. As Array looks toward future trade show opportunities, Highway 85 Creative remains committed to supporting their vision and helping them achieve their goals.

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