Of course, everyone wants to be memorable in their trade show marketing. But it has to be for the right reasons. After all, you don’t want to be the next Lululemon, memorable primarily for your see-through pants and associated customer outcry. Instead, you want to be remembered for quality. Here are three tips to elevate your trade show branding and trade show booth designs to be that kind of memorable. 


Consistent and clear messaging


One of the worst things you can do to damage your trade show marketing is to overthink and overcrowd it. People get caught up trying to share too much information or get extra funny or cutesy – and it backfires. The best bet is to stick to a six-word tagline that a passer-by can read and interpret within a few seconds. Better yet? Zero in on one specific message you want to share, and make sure it’s incorporated throughout every single piece at your booth. 


Glamorous graphics 


You want to get attention, but shouldn’t resort to being the class clown or that one kid in highschool who thrived on bold antics to get noticed. Get eyeballs on you for better reasons. Keep your designs clean, and elevate them with classy elements. Avoid anything gaudy or garish, no matter how head-turning it may be. In fact, it’s been said that nearly half of booth graphics should be empty space, which speaks to the power of strong, but not cluttered, designs. This minimalist approach is key to being memorable in the right ways. 


Easy-to-read text 


Finally, remember that good trade show branding requires a message that is absorbed by your intended audience. Funky fonts and small words can get in the way of this. Keep your text large enough to be read by those walking through an exhibit hall, and choose fonts that are straightforward and easy to read. You can get creative elsewhere. 


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