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Table Cover

Some of the best display table covers start with fire-resistant polyester-based fabrics. To do this, we print out full-color graphics onto this fabric using the industry’s latest dye-sublimation printing methods. Then, the fabric is cut using a high-tech computer-based fabric cutter. Once this is done, one of our seamstresses sew the table cover and serge the edges of the fabric to prevent fraying. To get your own table cover, select your desired table size, such as four, six, or eight feet wide. Overall, table runners are a great way to add your brand to any table without breaking the bank. You won’t want to show up at a trade show without one of these must-have trade show display accessories.

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What good is a trade show booth that no one can see? That’s where trade show LED lights come in. It’s important that your brand’s message is always represented in the best light. These trade show booth accessories can be used to draw attention to the most important aspects of your booth. You should consider buying the best lighting for your trade show booth. Browse our wide selection of LED lights that can help to benefit your business.

Monitors / Kiosks

There is no easier way to add cool tech into your trade show display that with a monitor. But finding space for a monitor on your table can be difficult. To keep your monitor on display front and center, you will need a monitor stand or kiosk. These secure display stands allow you to easily incorporate your technical elements into your trade show booth. With portable monitor stands, you can also attach flat panel monitors in your booth. All you need to do is attach the monitor to the brackets and you are good to go.

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