Strategy Consultation

Are You Struggling for Results?

Businesses exhibiting at trade shows aren’t nearly as successful as they COULD be with a deeper dive during their planning. With our combined decades of experience in the trade show and sales industries, we’ve seen where people go right and wrong in their planning. Are you looking at the different segments of your audience instead of thinking of the audience as a whole? Are you setting thoughtful and measurable goals for the show, or is your goal a vague “get more sales/leads/contacts”? We’re here to put our expertise to work for you, and to guide you on that deep dive.

What Do You Get?

You’ll start with a full day strategy consultation (that your full team and all stakeholders are encouraged to attend) with our founder and Chief Creative Officer, Guy Zwick, a 20+ year sales and trade show veteran. On top of that experience, he brings a fresh set of eyes and an outside perspective free from free from office politics and emotional investment. His only motivator is seeing your trade show program achieve as much success as possible. By the end of the session, you’ll have built a customized roadmap that lays out exactly what success truly looks like and how you’ll get there.

Higway 85 Chief Creative Officer Guy Zwick
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What‘s The Process?

The day will start with Guy getting to know your company. The history, the products, the clients, the personality. What makes your company unique? Why should your clients choose you over your competition? What does a successful show REALLY look like? Why do you go to the specific shows you go to? Why do you send the people you send? What’s worked for you before? What hasn’t? What are your complimentary marketing efforts to boost your show success?

Once Guy has gotten under the hood and gotten the full picture of how your trade show engine is running, then the real work begins. From here he’ll guide you through determine what success REALLY looks like. You’ll set measurable goals that all stakeholders agree on, you’ll preemptively think about what your obstacles are to obtaining those goals and how to overcome them. You’ll segment your audience and set a specific strategy for each group.

Your sales and marketing teams will work together to lay out a plan for what you can do before, during, and after the event to get more attention, attract higher quality leads, and ensure that after the show there’s a solid follow up strategy that makes sense for each audience group.

What Are Others Saying?

“Highway 85 is not just a creative design, they’re the whole thing. You’re gettin’ that creativity, you’re gettin’ that ability to actually build somethin’, you’re gettin’ the ability to integrate with others that had to be a part of the project.”

Mark Shreker, The Parsons Agency

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