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Office Interior Design

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We are a full service office interior design company. We provide all of the materials, custom furniture design, installation and architectural detailing. Our highly trained staff takes each project personal. This gives us the ability to create a unique design for your workplace interior.

Highway 85 Creative has a variety of resources available to meet your workplace interior design needs. Our comprehensive experience and technical skills sets up apart from the competition. We are your ‘one stop shop’ for all of your commercial interior needs.

Make A Lasting Impression

Companies do not have a second chance to make a first impression. Let our experts help your business make an impact on everyone who walks through the door, customers and employees alike! We incorporate modern designs, collaboration and innovation for all of our clients. We create workplace interiors for all types of businesses in any Harley Davidson Workplaceindustry:

  • Government Offices
  • Law Firms
  • Restaurants
  • Small Businesses
  • Financial Institutions
  • and much more!

Hire Highway 85 Creative to design a modern workplace environment with futuristic features. Our creative team have experience in utilizing your office space efficiently, using every available corner, wall and even ceiling space to create an office that says everything about your business and what you do.

Original Office Interior Design

If you are interested in revamping your office and are ready to start exploring your options, call (623) 582-9760 to schedule a free consultation now! During the consultation, we will ask questions about you and your business to better understand the culture of your company. Then, with the information you provided, we will start generating ideas, floor-plans and blueprints while incorporating your logo, your colors and anything else your business represents.

Highway 85 Creative is a creative company with culturally relevant ideas. We achieve this by hiring a unique staff of artists, designers and fabricators. Contact us now for more information!

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