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Modular Displays

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Inline Displays

In today’s competitive business landscape, those tired old trade show booth displays aren’t going to cut it. A modular display allows a business to turn a trade show booth into a bonafide experience, allowing prospective customers to step inside and truly see just what your business has to offer them. Many of these displays utilize video presentations and screens to create a one-of-a-kind experience for those who step inside. Inline displays can beautifully blend technology and traditional trade show displays to create a presentation that is seamless and attractive. While these displays are sophisticated in their design, they’re sturdy and easy to set up and dismantle.

Midsized Island Displays

Island-style modular exhibits are a guaranteed way to become the talk of your next trade show or industry event. These displays are adaptable to any booth size and allow you to customize the experience that you want to give your prospective customers. This custom trade show display allows you to create an experience that fully encapsulates what your brand is all about, wowing anyone who steps inside and ensuring that they won’t forget your company’s name anytime soon.

Large Island Displays

For those working with a large amount of space, larger island displays are available. These are the ideal space for demos and presentations. Let your prospective customers witness just what your product is capable of while being immersed in your brand’s advertising artwork. Anyone who’s attended trade shows understands just how competitive they can be. These jaw-dropping customer experiences enable your brand to stand out from the rest and to leave a lasting impression on attendees. Contact one of our creative directors to learn more about our custom modular displays.

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