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We are Highway 85 Creative and we build cool sh*t!

If you’ve been underwhelmed and uninspired by prior trade show attempts, you need something new – dramatically new. Let our creativity and innovation shake up your event game and embolden your brand so you can transform your results.

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Bring your brand to life!

  • Trust us and our 20+ years of experience, forged on the front lines of trade shows & events

  • Innovate with us, merging technology, art and relationships to elevate your vision

  • Create alongside us, unleashing boundless creativity to push boundaries, get attention & get results

Our Process

Highway 85 Creative Strategy


Push the envelope! In a noisy world, it isn’t always easy to stand out and be different. Custom tradeshow exhibits allow you to tailor your brand experience in a thoughtful way that maximizes your return on investment.

Highway 85 Creative Design


A one size fits all approach does not work for a truly unique outcome. Designing a custom solution for your tradeshow program requires a free-flowing collaborative process between the client and our design and engineering team.

Highway 85 Creative Design
Highway 85 Creative In-House Production

In-House Production

Everything … under one roof! From building two-story custom tradeshow exhibits, producing fabric graphics, constructing product demos, or even making 3d models, we have you covered. All in-house and ready to customize to your needs.

Highway 85 Creative: Delivery, Install, Takedown

Delivery + Install + Takedown

Let our labor team handle all your needs on the show floor so you don’t have to. We send the best of the best to represent you and everything you stand for. We won’t quit until the job is done right.

Highway 85 Creative: Delivery, Install, Takedown

Frequently Asked Questions

The groundwork for a trade show should begin at least 90-120 days in advance.

If you want to stand apart, you have to stand out! Bright colors, bold graphics, and video all help. Anything that encourages a crowd to gather (good drinks/snacks or giveaways, games, talks, etc.) will also do a great job of drawing other people into your booth.

Yes, custom rental booths are one of our specialties!

Rental booths allow you flexibility; you don’t own them so you can change your booth before every single show if you want.

Purchasing your booth gives you predictability; you know what the booth weighs and how long it takes to set up so you can better estimate charges like labor, shipping, and drayage.

Absolutely! As part of our process, every booth gets a multi-view 3D rendering.

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