When was the last time you took a long, hard look at your retail store’s interior design? Is your design inspiring, ambitious, or unique? If not, it might be time to change things up a little.

As online shopping takes over, one way to stand out in retail is with a cool interior design. The leading retailers do not have a boring and basic retail design. Instead, they make their retail space into a unique environment that draws consumers to visit the store.

When designing your retail space, provide something for customers that a traditional retail store does not, and watch the traffic come into your store. At this point, you may be asking yourself how on earth you are supposed to do that. In this article, we’ll provide you with the top five coolest retail store interior designs today.

Hopefully these designs will provide you with some inspiration. Although some may be overly ambitious for your company size and needs, these examples may help to get your creative juices flowing. Keep reading to be wowed by some of the greatest retail stores that exist today.


Apple Store: Michigan Avenue, Chicago

Although all Apple Stores provide visitors with a unique shopping experience, this Chicago location takes things to a new level with an extremely unique interior design.

The store is composed of completely glass with a carbon-fiber roof. It boasts 32 foot glass walls, supported by only slender stainless-steel columns. This makes for a transparent, light-filled space and an incredible design.

Located in the heart of downtown Chicago, this all-glass design also allows Apple to take advantage of the amazing surrounding views. The store sits between the Tribune Tower and the Chicago RIver, making for scenic Chicago views that you cannot find anywhere else. The glass design makes visitors feel as though they are not even in a store, but simply shopping for Apple products in the heart of Chicago.

This Apple location also includes Apple’s newest retail concept: Town Square. Town Square is a seating space for creative thinking, education, and entertainment. This immersive retail concept was created with customers in mind, in order to build a community within the store.

Overall, this store features an incredible interior design, amazing views, and a community feeling for customers, making it a great example for your own retail location.


Hershey’s Chocolate World:  Times Square, New York City

Hershey’s Chocolate World is so much more than just a Hershey’s retail location. Instead, this store holds 7,800 square feet of immersive brand experiences for customers to partake in.

Hershey’s holds a partnership with the Culinary Institute of America, which they certainly take advantage of in this space. The store features Hershey’s Kitchen Bakery, which offers customers prepared food, beverages, and bakery items.

Throughout the store, Hershey’s offers many interactive displays and exhibits for customers to engage with. The Amazing Candy Machine dispenses different candies into decorative boxes, making for a great souvenir for customers to take home to their family and friends.

The store also includes the Sweet Personalization station, where customers can make their candy their own by creating a personalized chocolate bar wrapper. This makes for another great momento for customers to remember their time at the store.

Overall, Hershey’s uses their retail space to give customers an experience which  incentivizes them to buy more candy. Although a customer may not plan on buying a chocolate bar, a personalized experience could be the thing that drives their purchase. Keep the importance of experience and personalization in mind when designing your own retail space.


Tiffany and Co.’s Style Studio: Covent Garden, London

While Tiffany and Co. is typically known as a high-end retailer, they created their retail location in London’s Covent Garden to appeal to a wider-than-usual audience. This store and the style studio was created to modernize the brand and draw a younger, less luxury-focused audience.

The Style Studio hosts items in the brand’s everyday range, which include homeware items and accessories. The studio engages those customers that desire to spend less, but still want to experience the luxurious quality of a high-end brand.

Throughout this Tiffany’s retail store, there are many interactive experiences for customers to participate in. There is a vending machine stocked with Tiffany’s perfume, which is a popular attraction. In addition, the store holds the #MakeitTIffany personalization bar, where customers can get their jewelry customized.

With this retail location, Tiffany and Co. not only created an interactive experience for customers, but they thought of a way to expand their brand and appeal to a wider audience. This store draws an audience that a typical Tiffany’s retail location would not, making this retail concept well worth it for the brand.


Adidas Store: Midtown Manhattan, New York City

This Adidas location, the largest in the world, allows customers to truly experience the brand with an extremely unique retail space. The interior is modeled after a high school stadium, with multiple floors that encourage customers to get active and appreciate athletics with Adidas in mind.

Throughout this Adidas location, there are many workout-specific features that encourage visitors to participate in physical activity. A miniature track is set up on one floor, where customers can run or get their running stride analyzed. Visitors can use the Run Genie, a digital application, to understand their specific running style and find the perfect running shoe.

Another floor holds a turf field, where customers can utilize a host of equipment. This equipment includes various Adidas products including soccer balls, kettlebells, and other workout equipment.

Aside from opportunities to get active, there are many other features of the store for visitors to enjoy. There is a juice press within the store, where customers can enjoy freshly pressed juice. Also, for sports fans, there is a set of bleachers facing giant screens for fanatics to watch sporting games on.

Adidas also gives customers the option to get their new gear personalized. On one level, there is a print shop where customers can customize clothing or their own pair of running shoes. This print shop features designs specific to this location that cannot be found anywhere else. This adds a sense of exclusivity to this retail location, making it even more appealing to consumers.


Lululemon’s Meditation Studio: Rockefeller Plaza, New York City

This Lululemon location prides itself in being a “Mindfulosophy” space: a chill place for a mind-body reboot. This retail location pairs a traditional retail experience with a mindful space for meditation, leaving visitors feeling refreshed.

In the Meditation Studio, “Zen Pods” are the main attraction. These pods are comfy cushions where you can sit, put on some headphones, and listen to guided meditations. The studio gives visitors a chance to refresh and rewind within the greater Lululemon retail space. This space is housed within a greater Lululemon store, alongside all of the usual products sold by the retailer.

The idea for Lululemon’s Meditation Studio originated from the success the brand has had with their in-store yoga classes. Due to the popularity of these classes, the company decided to take things a step further with their mediation studio. Lululemon’s success shows how much an enriching experience can benefit a retail location.


Conclusion: And You’re Next!

Although some of these retail locations may be over the top, hopefully they give you some inspiration for how to revamp your retail location. You can do something more simple, like a cool physical design like the Chicago Apple Store, or provide customers with an extremely unique experience like the Adidas Store in Manhattan.

While these examples are pretty large-scale, you can do something similar on a smaller scale to help your retail store stand out. Regardless of how your choose to design your retail interior, make sure you do something to help engage customers and stand out from your competition.

A cool retail design is simply essential as internet sales have driven traffic away from brick and mortar stores. Keep these examples in mind and get creative to design the retail store of your dreams.