Highway 85 has been building the standard trade show crate for years. However, for the last two years we have actively been designing and testing what we refer to as……the Evolution 2.0 crate!

Taking our inspiration from Jonathan Ives, Apple’s most premier product designer extraordinaire, we have spent hours designing, testing, building, implementing and re-imagining.

Here’s the rundown:

  • maximizes all side by side cubic requirements for optimizing truck transportation
  • it is lighter then all of its predecessors
  • stronger than any class ‘A’ crate built prior
  • esthetically it’s a sexy box with simple and sleek lines (as opposed to Charlie’s socks in the photo below – HA!)


Designing New Crates


How did we do it? Why thinking outside, inside and around the proverbial box of course! We utilize a new highly engineered puzzle design technique which allows for quicker and more efficient production for us while in turn providing a super strong structure and minimal plywood and sizing.

  • Stronger
  • Affordable
  • Less waste
  • Precise
  • BOOM!


Crates For Storage


We take every portion of your trade show requirements into account – from concept to design to shipping to installation to storage. It’s what makes us tick. It’s what makes us a stand out. It’s what drives us batty and also what causes us to shout from the rooftops when we nail it.

Trade Show Crate – Service

When it comes to preparing for trade shows, companies underestimate the how much work it is. Always make sure you are staffed properly to cover the transportation, inventory, set-up and repairs of your trade show display. Don’t forget about electrical, cleaning and hanging signs. It is even necessary to have a checklist when setting up and breaking down the display to ensure all the pieces are in place for your next trade show. Never show up to a trade show unprepared again.

If you need help with the preparation phase, contact Highway 85 Creative for guidance.

Keep driving forward,
Hwy 85 Team