Hello and welcome to the renewed, revamped and refreshed Highway 85 Creative blog! We are excited to have this special space in social media to bring you frequent tidbits of what’s happening in our world along with industry news, a few laughs and hopefully some inspiration in the middle of your work day as well!

We are planning to offer a series of blog posts highlighting trade show budgeting, tips/advice from seasoned show professionals, insight on how your office environment makes a large impact on customer relations, tricks of the trade from our master craftsmen and more. Okay and let’s be real, we will likely highlight (brag about) a few of our favorite products, projects and maybe we will gush about our rockstar employees from time to time in our little corner of the media world too.

For this first post we just want to invite you to check out our other remodeled media presence – our new website! Oh yea baby. For those of you who have also been in the throws of a website development project…..it’s a long labor of love. Truly. So we are so happy to be on the delivery floor!


Highway 85 Creative New Blog

We want to convey who we are, what we do, why we do it and what motivates us. One of the main protagonists for needing to redesign was to ensure our site was up to par for all mobile devices. Problem solved thanks to our coding geniuses over at Gate 6. They are amazing at what they do, put up with our creative minds, our changes, our do-overs and add in their own amazing design ideas and functionality. We love collaborating with them on our web projects and are proud of the efforts!

We’ll keep this one as short and sweet as we can – basically just want to thank you for your enthusiasm, support and loyalty to Highway 85. We love what we do, we love who we work with and we enjoy living the American dream of owning a small business. Thanks for stopping by and we invite you to subscribe to our newsletter so you won’t miss a beat!

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