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Trade Show Tips for Small Business

trade show tips for small businesses by highway 85

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Scott and Guy discuss ways to be effective at trade shows and how to meet your goals for small businesses. Weather this is your first trade show or a veteran Guy goes into strategies anyone can find useful and implement.

There are many reasons to attend a trade show weather you are looking to introduce a new product to your industry, gain brand awareness, or sell more product. Sometimes small business owners get discourage and not attend the trade show or go to trade shows unprepared and get intimidated by the big guys. Guy and Joe discuss various ways for small business owners to gain awareness, sell product, gain leads, and be effective at tradeshows.

Step Outside The Box

There are ways to create wins at tradeshows for small businesses with a low budget, smaller booth setup, or being a first time attendee. Learn how to step outside the box and be bold with the resources you have available to you.

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