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Trade Show Case Study: Nexus 21 & Planning For Success

Nexus21 Podcast Episode

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Nexus 21 is a poster child for how to do trade shows right. Listen to how they wow their customers, prospects and partners at their events.

Highway 85 Creative specializes in helping companies use trade shows as lead generation opportunities. It is essential to engage in pre-show promotion, customer outreach and lead follow-up in order to have a successful trade show. This episode features Cory Lovett, Mark Nickles and Tami Villa from Nexus 21.

Successful Trade Show Guide

Here is a summary of what to expect in this episode:

  • Guiding philosophy — 3:15
  • When do you start your show planning process — 7:29
  • Lead Generation and lead follow-up — 11:50
  • Customer outreach, pre-show promotion, unique give-aways — 20:15
  • Social Media Integration — 28:30
  • Media coverage and industry influencers — 34:34
  • Budget and ROI — 41:15

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