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Pop Up Displays: Renting, Buying, Tips & More!

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In this episode, we dive into everything related to pop up displays as well as fabric displays and their rise in popularity. From renting, buying and tricks to the trade, you'll want to listen to this episode!

Nowadays, portable displays is an umbrella term for pop up displays, fabric displays and banner stands. All of these trade show displays have its own characteristics and are very unique when compared to each other. Portable displays are affordable, light and easy to set up.

Trade Show Display: Renting vs. Buying

This is a decision every company has to make for their trade show booth; do I rent or buy my portable display? Before you make this decision, think about the operating cost, shipping and storage options for the display you want to purchase. If you are planning to participate in 3 or more trade shows, you should think about purchasing your display. Otherwise, purchasing a rental display will be the perfect solution.

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