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8 Latest Trade Show Display Trends In 2017

Episode #7 of Creative Spaces Podcast Sep 18, 2017

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In this episode, we dig into 8 of the latest trade show display trends we 2017. From virtual reality to interactive walls, we talk about which trends are worth your investment and which ones may be too hyped!

Amalgamation, virtual reality, digital signage, themed booths, interactive walls, fabric displays and LED lighting are all trending in the trade show industry. Catch the attention of trade show attendees by the latest technology in your display. Create a buzz with your portable display.

Booth Add-Ons

Add a comfortable couch and something to eat or drink to encourage spectators to stop at your booth and stay for a while. Add recharging stations with AC and USB outlets for Apple and Android devices. Showcasing informational displays and kiosks are all popular ways to engage with individuals who are visiting your booth. Use the latest trends to stand apart from the competition.

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