Creating trade show booths for a corporate company can put a trade show specialist in a pickle. You want to be bold and get attention but you’re held back by a potpourri of rules and red tape. Is there a way to abide by corporate policies, but still make a splash? To that, we say, “hell yes!” The answer lies in elevating your trade show graphics.  


Go Experiential with Graphics

Many companies get stuck in a rut with their trade show graphics ideas. Oh, but not you. Not now. You have ideas and a vision. So go ahead, stick to all 145 pages of your company’s corporate guidelines, but all while aiming to create a more unique experience for visitors. 

  • Merge your graphics with a larger adventure visitors can enjoy. Use your trade show banner design to give attendees direction on where to start, and offer them a choose-your-own-adventure journey through your products. 
  • Include live plants in your trade show booth, and make them look like they’re coming out of the graphics behind them. 
  • Update your business cards from blah to bold, so visitors remember how it felt to experience your brand. 

You can do all this and much more, without becoming too edgy for corporate. 


3D Graphics, For the Win

If your trade show graphics of yesteryear have been, well, flat, it’s likely they’ve also fallen flat with your audience. It’s time to go 3D. Whether you have a modular or pop-up booth, you can incorporate three-dimensional elements that make your designs pop. 

Include an oversized 3D word into your trade show area, to really drive home a targeted message. Create a 3D photo background so visitors can enjoy taking pictures in a totally different environment. Place a 3D mockup version of your product front and center in your booth. Any of these ideas will make you stand out to attendees, and stand above your competition. 


Think Outside the Booth

When you think trade show graphics, don’t stop at the actual booth display. Think about other ways you can use graphics to make a statement. For example, what about a vehicle wrap? Some trade shows won’t allow vehicles into the exhibit hall, but check if yours do. If so, plan your booth around a vehicle with an eye-catching wrap that will draw in your audience. You can bet that attendees will be surprised by seeing the vehicle, and that’s a great first step to getting awareness. 

Think about any events you can hold to coincide with the attendee experience at your booth. For instance, are you holding a private dinner for top customers one night during a conference? Consider using graphics similar to those at your booth for this purpose, in order to remind customers about your key messages and offerings. The trick is to expand your horizons outside the booth alone; after all, there’s a whole 3D world out there. 

Looking for more compelling trade show graphics ideas? Give us a call! We’re dying to swap ideas with you.