Even if it sounds hippie-dippy, vibes matter. We all know they do. You step into a building and instantly see an office wall design with modern wall decals and energizing colors and know the company has it going on. Or, you walk into an office and it’s stark, with boring colors and uninspiring graphics only to feel like maybe they don’t value their own space or are current with the times. We know this intellectually, and yet so many corporate office interiors skew drab, not fab. Does yours? If so, it’s time for a change and here’s why. 


Color Me Productive 

The main reason your interior is deserving of your attention is that it impacts your team members – dramatically. It’s something that they will interact with every single day, for eight or more hours at a time. It can either give them a boost and get their creativity flowing, or help put them straight to sleep. Of course, you’d prefer a productive workforce to a drowsy one, so here’s what to think about as you consider redesigning your space. 

First, color. There have been numerous studies that prove color psychology is real. The color palettes around us make a difference in how we feel and behave. That’s pretty powerful.  Blue and green are known as low-wavelength colors that are calming and promote wellbeing and focus.  Green has also been shown to reduce eye strain and fatigue, which can be beneficial for those pulling long hours. Yellow is seen to induce optimism and energy and can be helpful in furthering innovation. 

According to color psychology, these three colors are all safe bets for winning vibes. But, there’s a caveat. Remember your logo and branding palette will be incorporated throughout your office space too. So, make sure you stick with the interior colors that will complement your brand colors, rather than clash with it. 


Words, Words on the Wall

After color, think through your office wall design. Do you have graphic wall murals or signage throughout? Are your walls mostly blank? Or, mostly cluttered? The best corporate interiors are well balanced. They may include office wall murals, but they’re offset by plenty of white space that keeps the eye from feeling overpowered. 

When you consider putting words or graphics on your walls, take care with what you choose. Turning your core values into modern wall decals is a cool way to reinforce what matters to your company. Or, creating graphic wall murals that remind employees of your company mission and the milestones you’ve already accomplished together can keep team members focused and motivated. 


When you look around your office space, how does it make you feel? If the answer doesn’t include “happy,” “energized,” “inspired,” or “productive,” you could use some upgrades. Contact us to learn more about our office wall design services, and how we can turn your space from bad to badass.