GPS Tool Kit

Trade Show Goals Planning and Success Kit

Highway 85 would like to give you the gift of an organized plan

What are the keys to a successful event? Goals and planning. We’ve created the G.P.S. (short for Goals. Planning. Success.) Tool Kit to help you put together that organized plan. The G.P.S. helps you take a deep look at what has and hasn’t worked in the past, what obstacles might block the way and how to get around them, what emotion you want to inspire at each stage of your funnel, and all of the different (and often neglected) pieces of experiential marketing that are critical to maximizing your event success. The G.P.S. Tool Kit can be used to plan a trade show exhibit, large or small events, or any other project.

We want to make sure you’re seeing as much success as possible, so we’re gladly offering the G.P.S. Tool Kit completely free of charge. Just fill out the form below, and you’ll be able to download a digital copy right away. We’re even happy to mail you a hard copy of the kit (also completely free of charge, not even shipping!) if you’d like. After you download the kit you’ll receive a thank you email with the option to request a hard copy. Questions? Shoot an email to!