Even though it may seem like people aren’t frequenting retail stores as often as they once did, there’s a counterargument to this. The state of the world and safety measures like social distancing are often causing shoppers to spend more time in and around retail stores, as occupancy is limited, shoppers are spaced out from one another and buyers are opting for in-store pickup. So whether it’s in this current climate or the future, retail interior design is still important. Here are some retail store design ideas to help you improve your customer experience and keep shoppers engaged – and making purchases. 


Wall Murals

Many retail stores keep their walls simple, opting instead to focus on their physical displays. But this is a miss. You can communicate an awful lot with your walls that you may not be able to do with displays alone. First, think about your retail store architecture. What do customers see when they walk in? It’s been found that customers walking into a store will unintentionally overlook products and signage when they initially enter a space because they’re already switching from one environment to another. So, avoid overdoing the entrance graphics. 

Instead, consider your “power wall.” This is the wall that customers will see when they walk in and then turn to the right (which 90% of them will do). This is the first impression you want to focus on. When you turn your power wall into a wall mural, you control how the customer feels in your store. Do you sell primarily to females, and want them to feel empowered? This wall could include a mural of inspiring female leaders and bold quotes. Do you sell electronics primarily to older men? You could use this wall as a largely blank space, with a simple, attention-grabbing line of text that makes them feel drawn to the simple and powerful. The point is – use this wall wisely. Of course, you can also incorporate wall murals throughout the rest of the store, so don’t limit your creativity to this one wall. It’s just an influential place to start. 



Murals aren’t the only way to make an impression in your retail store. You can also use clear, compelling signage and graphics to lead customers through the store in a specific way. Your retail interior design should act as a concierge to those coming through your doors, making it obvious where they should go next. Do you want them to check out your shoes first, and then guide them toward the sale counter? Use graphics to lead the way.  

Your retail store architecture should feel natural to customers, but it should also help them see your products the way you do. Create an experience with your graphics, and they’ll want to come back. Any design ideas you implement should, of course, resonate with your target audience and jive with your branding. But beyond this, let the creativity fly. 


Stellar retail design is always in style and always helps improve sales. Contact us to learn more about how to incorporate wall murals, graphics, and other visuals to your store to great success.