Show us your trade show calendar, and we’ll show you one exhausted trade show specialist. Oh wait, that’d be if we held up a mirror. Either way, we get it. You’re managing more than 50 shows per year and feel like you’re constantly scrambling. Is it possible to have a core trade show booth that can scale into bigger shows, take advantage of new trends, and be adjusted as your business changes? 

Sounds too good to be true, but it really isn’t. In fact, it’s too good to be missing out on. Here’s how to use modular display units to make your life a heck of a lot easier.


Rent out larger booth pieces

So your foundational booth design was created primarily for trade show product displays. But your salespeople will be holding a slew of meetings at the next show, and you have nowhere for them to sit. Uh-oh, you’re doomed! Or, are you? 

Cue rental pieces. You can easily rent booth furniture, like tables, chairs or even comfy couches, additional signs, backdrops and lighting as needed for each show. Use your basic setup, and then customize it with fun, useful rental add-ons. The cost is low to you, and the customization options are high.


Design booths with changeable components

Modular booth systems are a dream come true. Especially for someone in your shoes who goes to trade shows as often as other people go to Starbucks, a modular trade show booth gives you options. No need to reinvent the wheel or recreate your entire booth just to fit the next show’s given space. 

Modular units are lightweight and able to be reconfigured. Stack them, move them, even leave some behind! The world is your oyster when you go modular. This option is way less expensive than redoing your booth every time you face new space parameters or want to try a new configuration. 


Try Silicone Edge Graphics (SEGs)

SEGs give you the opportunity to have borderless graphics that can be swapped into your display at a moment’s notice. And they actually look seamless. You can update your signage as your products or services change, with different verbiage for different shows or just because the mood strikes. They’re high-quality, but lightweight and easy to install. If you have an aluminum extrusion, you can almost certainly use SEGs. Versatile, stunning, and easy-peasy.

Looking for a partner to help you dream up a modular trade show booth that can last with you for years? We can help. Call us any time!