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If you’ve been underwhelmed and uninspired by interior ideas for your office or retail space, you need something new – dramatically new. Let our creativity and innovation shake up your design game and embolden your brand so you can transform your results.

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  • Trust us and our 20+ years of experience, rich in taking corporate interiors to the next level
  • Innovate with us, merging technology, art and an understanding of the human experience to elevate your vision
  • Create alongside us, unleashing boundless creativity to push boundaries, get attention & get results


We have partnered with well-known architects, interior designers and agencies across the nation. It takes a village to create the perfect environment for your space. We have the capacity to accomplish all your dreams and more… in our back pocket.

Highway 85 Creative Design


Have you been tasked with updating your company’s building or creating a new environment and don’t know where to start? We have you covered. Our team of interior managers will take you on a journey to discover all the nuances of your space and how we can create more than even thought possible.


Telling a story to evoke emotions and sell more products in your retail environment matters. When customers walk in your door, you want them to understand immediately why you are there and what purpose your space serves. We will take you through our unique experience process to establish that story and the best way to make it tangible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The groundwork for a trade show should begin at least 90-120 days in advance.

If you want to stand apart, you have to stand out! Bright colors, bold graphics, and video all help. Anything that encourages a crowd to gather (good drinks/snacks or giveaways, games, talks, etc.) will also do a great job of drawing other people into your booth.

Yes, custom rental booths are one of our specialties!

Rental booths allow you flexibility; you don’t own them so you can change your booth before every single show if you want.

Purchasing your booth gives you predictability; you know what the booth weighs and how long it takes to set up so you can better estimate charges like labor, shipping, and drayage.

Absolutely! As part of our process, every booth gets a multi-view 3D rendering.