Why I View My ADHD & Dyslexia As Super Powers

Why I view my ADHD and dyslexia as superpowers

There’s been quite a buzz in recent years about neurodivergence, exploring the unique ways one in five people are “differently wired” with conditions like ADHD, dyslexia, giftedness, autism, anxiety, and more. While this has become a hot topic, these differences weren’t openly discussed until more recently. Why bring this up? Because I’m proudly navigating life […]

POV: We Have to Earn Every Opportunity We Get

POV: We have to earn every opportunity we get

At Highway 85 Creative, we don’t mess around when it comes to opportunities. Owner Guy Zwick is hardcore in his belief that success is earned, not handed to you. This unapologetic, no-nonsense mindset defines our work ethic and fuels our relentless commitment to excellence. Buckle up and get ready as we delve into the badass […]

Never, Ever, Ever Stop Being Curious

Never, ever, ever stop being curious

A lot has been said about curiosity, but I really don’t care about how it applies to cats. Instead, my take on the topic mirrors John C. Maxwell’s, who wrote, “The future belongs to the curious. The ones who are not afraid to try it, explore it, poke at it, question it and turn it […]

Building A Legacy Every Day In Our Business

Building a legacy every day in our business

Business owners are often eager to learn from other leaders. In this spirit, one of the best leadership lessons I can share is that achieving success requires having a larger focus than operations and dollar signs alone. Specifically, it requires that you focus on building a legacy. Here’s how this looks in our business.  Building […]

Collaborative Design Requires Different Shades of Creativity

Collaborative design requires different shades of creativity

After graduating from ASU with a degree in Art, my path to becoming Design Director at Highway 85 was anything but direct. However, my five-year  journey here has taught me that everyone’s experiences and background uniquely prepare them to develop their own strengths. In the world of design, creativity cannot be confined to one standard […]

Technology For Your Booths & Events? Hell Yes!

Technology for your booths and events? Hell yes!

Technology in general, and trade show tech in particular, is constantly moving ahead at a rapid pace. Companies are eager to embrace the hot next thing but don’t always know if it’s a wise investment. Here’s our take on tech trends in recent years and how to make the most of tradeshow trends expo booths.  […]

Surprising Places to Find Business Inspiration

Surprising places to find business inspiration

As a business owner in a wildly creative field, inspiration is a must for me. If my team members and I are lacking business inspiration, we won’t fulfill our clients’ needs and our revenue will take a hit. It’s just as important for other entrepreneurs, regardless of industry, but most aren’t sure how to find […]

The Unlikely Source Of Inspiration All Entrepreneurs Can Access

The unlikely source of inspiration all entrepreneurs can access

This month, our team has been reflecting a lot on how we find inspiration and translate that into our client work. I’ve also been thinking about how entrepreneurs can be inspired to make positive change, whether by creating new products, changing their business model, setting new goals or growing in another way. How about you; […]

Insider Tips to Use Tech & Increase ROI at Your Next Trade Show

Insider tips to use tech and increase ROI at your next trade show

Tech is everywhere, and we recently wrote about fear holding people back from using it like they should in their trade show strategy. There are a few additional things holding them back, and it’s time to bust through these misconceptions. Trade show tech is an essential part of successful trade show trends expo booths; here’s […]

The Myths of Business Survival in a Recession

The myths of business survival in a recession

We recently shared how to double down in a recession, and today I want to tackle another related topic: myths. When economic instability occurs, many business owners hold onto mistaken beliefs about things like brand awareness and marketing strategies that work or don’t work. Based on my experiences from the past, and knowledge of the […]