Some business owners think that participating in trade show events are pointless. They could not be more wrong. These shows are still very advantageous! Whether you are a business owner looking to expand your market, or a consumer looking to find hot new products, when you exhibit a display at a trade show, you establish a presence in the marketplace that will be become unmatchable to your competition.


What Are Trade Shows?

Trade shows are an exhibition for companies and businesses looking to demonstrate their products in front of a highly relevant audience. At a trade show event, there are portable display exhibits that attendees can walk around, learn more about a company’s offerings, or even purchase the product on display. Representatives from the company are present in the booth ready to explain the product or service to those who are interested. Studies show that 85% of exhibitors success relies on the performance of the booth staff and 81% of attendees have purchasing power. So if you’re planning to participate in a trade show soon, make sure it is staffed with an outgoing enthusiastic sales team who are able to close deals.

Competitor Analysis

Participating in a trade convention also allows for you to see your competition. Chances are rival companies offer the same products and services as you. These shows are a great place to see how your competition interacts with customers, the quality of products that they sell, and how they carry themselves. 92% of trade show attendees say they are looking for new products to buy and 78% of attendees travel over 400 miles to attend an exhibition, so you know they’re interested; now is your chance to impress them. Use this as an opportunity to outshine your competitors and prove to potential customers why your business is the best one to choose.


Marketing 101 – Back To The Basics

Nowadays, everyone has a website, online store, or a social media account. However, not everyone has the one-on-one interaction with potential customers that some individuals require. Make your exhibit big, colorful with large graphics, hand out freebies, and offer a demo presentation of your product. These shows give you the opportunity to connect with buyers on a more personal level, face to face. Draw them in and win them over with a unique presentation that will make a lasting impression so that the next time they’re thinking of a product to purchase, your business comes to mind. 74% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product after seeing it at these events. The opportunities offered at a trade show are endless!


The Takeaway

Overall, trade shows are far from useless. Given the statistics that were shared in the article, they should be one of the top ways your company advertise a new product or service. They will easily give you more exposure opposed to the most common, modern marketing techniques, and they will bring in a greater variety of people within your target audience. If you’re looking for an impactful way to widen your consumer spectrum while gaining the attention of new consumers, trade shows are definitely the only way to go!