When you want a versatile display for your trade show exhibit, banner stands make an excellent choice. Use one in place of the traditional wall banner, arrange a banner display at the front of your booth to grab people’s attention, or use multiple banners to create discrete areas within your booth.

You can also use banner stands to advertise your business or latest promotion, placing it in a storefront or walkway to easily grab the attention of passersby.

Banner stands come in a variety of styles and sizes, each customizable to fit your particular needs and budget. Their construction makes changing graphics simple and the hardware transports easily into a convenient carrying case.


Why Use Banners Stands?

With their incredible versatility, it’s easy to see why banner stands are the most popular type of trade show display. By employing vibrant graphic design, you can make a big impact even with a smaller display, making these an effective marketing tool even when budgets are tight.

At smaller events, or when booth space is tight, a well-designed banner stand can be enough to get you noticed. You can also employ multiple stands to advertise products or promotions, provide information, or attract attention to your booth by placing your banner stand in high traffic areas or near the display’s entrance.

Available in a wide variety of sizes and styles, exhibitors use banner stands for everything from the back wall of a booth too small, pop up displays on a table or counter.


Part of these displays’ versatility relates to the ability to easily change the graphics themselves. Even if the bulk of your booth remains unchanged from event to event, you can easily reinvigorate its look with updated banner images. Or, advertise your latest promotion or new a product or service, ensuring the information you share with your audience is always current and relevant.

If you expect to change the banner frequently, talk to your designer about the best style. In addition to finding the best display to suit your budget, you also want it to match your logistical needs.

Speaking of logistics, another reason banner stands are so popular is the relative ease of transporting, setting up, and tearing down these displays. How easy? It depends on which style you choose.


Types Of Banner Stands

There are three basic types of banner stands.

  1. A traditional banner stand features mounting sections at the top and bottom connected by a tension bar. Typically, the graphic attaches to the top and bottom sections and the tension bar holds the two ends together while the stand is upright. Not all traditional stands allow you to change the graphic, so let your designer know if that’s a feature you want your display to have.
  2. The X banner stand probably offers the most advantages, as it allows you to easily change the shape and size of your display and use the less expensive vinyl material for your graphic. It also has a more stable stance, thanks to the X design, and costs less than the roll-up models. The stand’s frame is, as you would assume, an X shape, with a tension rod at each corner. Your graphic attaches to the tension rods via grommets in all four corners. This design stretches the material, which is why you can use vinyl for your fabric display.
  3. A roll-up banner stand is exactly what it sounds like. It’s comprised of a spring-loaded canister that runs the length of the display and a top section, with a tension rod connecting these two pieces. During set up, you simply attach the tension rod to the top section and the canister, pull the graphic out of the canister, and attach it to the top section. During teardown, carefully remove the tension rod and allow the graphic to retract back into the canister. Potential issues with this display type include:
    • Make sure you choose the right type of material for your graphic, to ensure it retracts into the canister properly. Heavier, thicker materials often present issues when it’s time to roll the graphic back into the canister.
    • The spring-loaded canister makes these units more prone to mechanical issues.
    • Roll-ups typically cost a bit more than other banner stand displays do.


Ultimately, the type of display you choose depends entirely on what you need it to do and how you intend to use it, as well as your budget. Make sure to explain your exact needs and wants to your design team to ensure you get the right kind of display.


The Versatility of Banner Stands

Multiple styles and sizes that allow you to create a display that fits any need and budget helped banner stands become the most popular portable display at trade shows. Add in the fact that you can also use them at your place of business for advertising and promotions and it’s no wonder these are such a hot ticket. To get the best display for your needs, work closely with your designers. They have the expertise and experience to guide you through the process and help you understand the difference between the styles.