On the road of life there are speed bumps, turns, minor accidents, merges and occasionally a breakdown. On Highway 85 just outside of Ajo, AZ – a breakdown occurred, literally and figuratively. When one has endless hours to sit idly at a service station with a sunburn from the beaches of Mexico and two dogs dramatically panting on their leashes in the 100 degree heat – a shift in perspective begins to occur.

Highway 85 – a stretch of dusty road that leads desert dwelling Arizonans to the beautiful, pristine beaches of Puerto Penasco, Mexico ended up being the path to a new chapter in life. A chapter that embraces new ideas, renewed energy, endless imagination and bold creativity.

In 2005 Highway 85 Creative opened its doors for business. Our philosophy then was to always be a creative company with culturally relevant ideas, and that holds true today. This has been achieved by hiring and maintaining a unique staff of artists, designers, and fabricators. Great design and application is the heart of culturally relevant marketing. Highway 85 is the creative force that pushes the bounds of human imagination with our creative designs and solutions. We encourage you to get on board and enjoy the ride – bienvenidos!

The Employee Culture

Highway 85’s desired code of conduct could be defined as that which is honest and forthright and therefore honorable. There is no I in team, nor is there a team without ‘I’-individuals. To become a cohesive team that drives for the same end result, you must rally around a philosophy. Our philosophy is simple.


We accept every team member’s contribution as equal to our own. All members of the Highway 85 team are empowered to make decisions. You have the right to believe what you believe. Lastly, we will all work hard and play even harder!


Be the changes you wish to see in your work experience. Your work and work environment should bring you joy and happiness. The company will encourage and help flourish all of our team members’ unique talents and abilities to create a fulfilling work experience. We will also always honor and respect our team members roles and responsibilities outside of the work place.

The Team Experience

You are not judged by anything other than the result of your effort and your contribution to the team. There is no one above you or below you to take credit for your effort. Always take full responsibility for your own results, as well as the sum of the teams result. At Highway 85 it will not be possible to blame nameless, faceless “departments”. That is the nature of paper-shuffling, bureaucratic, uncreative, slow moving, uninspiring…yuk!

There will be no favoritism in our office. Favoritism or pulling rank goes against the philosophy of our team unity and everything it stands for.

Responsibility & Accountability

When you make a promise or an indication of your intentions, you are obligated to follow through on them. If something changes, you must be certain to inform those affected in clear and precise terms as to what has changed and what can or cannot be expected of you.

When you are managing your duties, you make informed decisions as to what is most important to do at that time. If someone appears on the scene with a new task or request, you evaluate the situation; you inform those affected by it and announce your decision. If you are not sure, you engage those impacted and seek their counsel.


There needs to always be an open and honest approach to our communication as team members. We all have strengths and weaknesses which can result in both positive negative experiences. If we keep all of our lines of communication open and use them, our work environment will be a pleasurable one.

As team members we do not hold a grudge. The flip side of the same alliance coin is to hold animosity towards an individual and to speak unkindly and destructively to others about an individual. A person with self-respect and honor takes the problem to that person. If you find it too difficult, please take it to management and he or she will assist you in resolving it. Remember; the best way to earn and receive respect is to extend it, to others.

Personal Growth and Education

Highway 85 encourages the personal growth of all of our team members. We will support any of your personal efforts for further education or artistic growth.